Real Estate Agents & Property Managers

Why replace carpets when Carpet Keepers
can renew them—fast, and for a fraction of the cost?

Carpet Keepers is so well-trusted by real estate agents and property managers, they often simply give us the key and a timeline. Without even checking on our work, they arrive to show the home confident that our PureScience™ deeper-cleaning process has worked magic on soil, stains and odors.


It’s amazing what we’re able to achieve that other services can’t —from getting out stains and refreshing the fibers, to deodorizing for smoke and treating carpets for pet urine and odors.

Refresh, Renew & Removed

Helping your property make a great first impression means everything to us. That’s why you can trust us to keep our word to give you quality results every single time. 100% Guarantee


We’re delighted to share references from real estate agents and property managers throughout Northern Virginia CONTACT US