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05 Jun Simplify Stain Removal

Simplify Stain Removal with Carpet Keepers

There are many different scenarios that can playout that result in a carpet getting stained. Whether it is a pet stain, child’s finger painting disaster, spilled wax, spilled wine or everyday dirt and grime, it can be difficult to determine exactly what steps you should take next for an individual stain.  Here are a few steps to simplify stain removal.

Fortunately, the Carpet and Rug Institute has done all the hard work for you! The “CRI Spot Solver” tool allows you to enter in the type of stain you have and it will populate the perfect spot treatment for your stain.

One consideration that should be made when treating stains yourself at home is residue precautions. Many spot removal solutions leave residues in the carpet that may attract soil. Thoroughly rinse the area several times with lukewarm tap water. A mist type sprayer is recommended to prevent overwetting. Blot with paper towels and pat dry after each rinse. Several rinses are often necessary to thoroughly remove residues. Never use any of the solutions in concentrations stronger than those recommended.

As always, call a professional if you can’t get the stain taken care of yourself. Professional cleaners, like Carpet Keepers, have the ability and the equipment to use more aggressive cleaning solutions to remove stubborn spills. Always consider consulting Carpet Keepers regarding any spot removal question you may have. We are always here to help.

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