How to Remove Wax from Carpet

How to Remove Wax from Carpet

How to Remove Wax from Carpet with Carpet Keepers in Leesburg VA

There is nothing that can make a home more welcoming than the pleasant scent of your favorite candle. Candles can offer a special ambience to a home, but sometimes accidents happen. When wax spills onto the carpet, walls or upholstery, it may seem like a lost cause.

Fortunately, there is a quick and easy way to clean wax from almost any surface, including carpet. All you will need to remove the wax within seconds is a paper bag or towel and a warm iron.

Follow these simple steps and your carpet (or upholstery) can be wax free in a matter of seconds:

  1. Step One: Scrape off as much excess wax as possible.

  2. Step Two: Plug your iron into the wall near the spill in question.

  3. Step Three: Heat the iron to the lowest setting.

  4. Step Four: Place a towel or paper bag over the spill.

  5. Step Five: Run the warm iron over the paper bag. Move the iron back and forth gently across the bag.

  6. Step Six: Lift the paper bag and the wax will be stuck to the bag instead of the carpet.

This method will warm the wax which will then absorb into the paper bag or towel. This can leave the carpet completely wax-free!

Got a Scentsy or other wax warmer?

No problem! This method works with wax of any type including crayon. So next time your child leaves a crayon in the sunroom and it melts into your rug or you accidentally spill some wax trying to remove your plug-in wax warmer, you know exactly what to do.

Have a particularly difficult stain?

Carpet Keepers is here to help. We work on stains of any kind and can give your carpet a fresh new look. Simply call us at (703) 737-3117 to schedule your appointment today.


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