Commercial Cleaning Tips: 5 Ways to Impress Customers With Your Lobby

Commercial Cleaning Tips: 5 Ways to Impress Customers With Your Lobby

5 Ways to Impress Customers With Your Lobby

Carpet Keepers is dedicated to keeping our commercial clients’ businesses looking their best.  A clean work environment can absolutely improve employee health, safety, and morale, as well as equipment longevity, there are certainly other benefits to keeping your workplace clean.

Apart from the benefits to the staff, a clean work environment can help create a positive impression on your customers. For example, if your business has a waiting room or lobby, what kind of first impression do you want to make? Do you want your business to appear organized, clean, and professional? Or would you rather it appear unclean, messy, and disorganized? Chances are, you would love the well-organized and tidy look.

When it comes to making a good first impression a clean, professional appearance is a must.  So, here are 5 easy ways you can make a great first impression in your customer reception or lobby area.

1 – Watch Those High Traffic Areas

High traffic areas are the areas in the workplace that see the most foot traffic. With your lobby being the place where people enter and exit your business, chances are it is one of the most high traffic areas in your business.  As a result, the floor and carpet in your lobby gather even more soil and grime than other areas in the business. To ensure you make the best impression possible, make sure you clean high traffic areas more frequently than others.

This includes vacuuming, spot treatments and regular professional cleanings such as those offered by Carpet Keepers.

2 – Greeting Mats Are For More Than Looks

When looking to protect your carpets and floors from dirt and other debris, one of the best lines of defense is an entrance mat for your lobby. Entrance mats are perfect for trapping dirt, debris, and moisture carried in from outside, preventing these things from being tracked onto the carpets throughout your office.

Not only will these help protect your carpet and keep it clean, but certain mats can also be customized to include your company’s logo – adding to your lobby’s professional appearance. You may consider having mats at both the exterior and interior of the door for double protection. Don’t forget to clean these from time to time!

3 – Note the Smell of the Area

One of the most memorable characteristics of the places people visit is remembering how something smells, and if your office has an odor that can leave a bad impression. Apart from odors being trapped in unclean carpets, an even bigger source of unpleasant odors is an unclean ventilation system.

Even the simple, everyday activities that come with normal building use generate a great deal of air pollutants, such as dander, dust, and chemicals. These contaminants are pulled into your HVAC system and are re-circulated 5 to 7 times per day, on average. Over time, this re-circulation causes a build-up in the ventilation system, creating a stale, musty odor and potentially leading to serious problems for those with allergies, respiratory health conditions, and autoimmune disorders. To help protect your reputation, make sure you clean your HVAC vents on a regular basis and have your carpets cleaned regularly.

4 – Don’t Forget to Dust

Tables, lamps, desks, bookshelves and coffee tables should be clean and free of dust. Though it might take a while for dirt and debris to create a noticeable build up in your carpets, dusty furniture and equipment are easily seen by customers. This especially holds true the longer customers spend waiting in your reception area.

To help ensure that your anxiously waiting customers remember the magazine article they read while waiting in your lobby, keep the fixtures in your lobby clean and dust free.

5 – Don’t Forget Your Windows

When windows are left dirty they can change the entire ambiance of a building. Clean windows equal nice bright and clear light. Dirty windows cast a dingy and shaded hue.  Aside from the lighting in the room, dirty windows also cast a bad impression on your business. Windows smudged with dirt, grime, hand prints are not what a customer doing business with you wants to see.

Help keep your business looking attractive and professional by regularly cleaning your building’s windows, especially those in high traffic areas.

Making sure your lobby is properly cleaned and appears in tip-top shape is key to making a lasting first impression. Not only will customers notice a professional, well-organized aesthetic to your workplace, but you can also save on long-term replacement costs.

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