About Deep Cleaning Carpets

About Deep Cleaning Carpets

Deep Cleaning Your Carpet

In this post, we discuss the process Carpet Keepers follows to ensure the best result when deep cleaning carpets.  The detail of our process may come as a surprise, it is, however, the byproduct of over 15 years in the cleaning and maintenance service sector.  One reason many of our clients continue to rely on and refer Carpet Keepers to friends and family.

Let’s get to the business of deep cleaning carpets.  As you might expect, we start with a consultation and examination of the carpet.  With a solid understanding of foot traffic, the presence of pets, odors and healthcare status of residents, we can initiate the deep cleaning process.

Carpet Cleaning Process

Using a well thought out plan is essential to achieve the desired outcome.  Similar to a fitness plan, you exercise and you achieve outcomes.  For Carpet Keepers, our time-tested process works every time. Here is process outline.

Step 1: Pre-Cleaning Inspection

Carpet is thoroughly inspected before cleaning.  This first step helps our team isolate areas that the property owner may have overlooked, and sets the stage for future steps in the deep cleaning process.

Step 2: Commercial Pre-Vacuum

Carpet is thoroughly vacuumed to remove as much dust and dander as is possible with commercial-grade vacuum cleaners.

Step 3: Furniture Moving

Sofas, chairs, and tables are carefully moved an additional inspection and vacuuming is completed.  Let’s face it, some of the strangest items end up under and behind sofas.

Step 4: Pre-Conditioner and Spotting

Traffic areas and spots are pre-treated for more effective removal of stains and the smallest particulates.

Step 5: Agitation

Carpet is pre-groomed to further loosen traffic area soil, especially in the heavy traffic pathways, and of course, the pets favorite resting place.

Step 6: Neutralizing Extraction Rinse

The loosened soil is thoroughly extracted then pH balanced to eliminate odors from cooking, smoke, and pets.  An essential step in reviving the freshness of your floors and home.

Step 7: Post Spot Treatment

Treatment of specialty spots and urine are included *exception may apply for extremes situations.  Step 7 rests on the Pre-Cleaning Inspection of Step 1.

Step 8: Post Groom

Carpet pile is set in one direction for faster drying.  This step may appear to the untrained eye, as the professional carpet cleaners “signature” it really does contribute to a quick and even drying.

Step 9: Speed Dry

High-velocity air movers are used in reducing the time to dry carpeting and ensure your home is back to full operation as soon as possible.

Step 10: Post Cleaning Inspection

A walk through is done to ensure you are pleased and a second 48 hours post cleaning review.  We know that your satisfaction means great word of mouth references and digital reviews.  We even have a referral program so you can benefit from sharing the news about Carpet Keepers.

Hire Carpet Keepers

To achieve the fresh and healthy environment in your home or office you should budget regular carpet cleaning with deep cleanings as part a plan.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a deep carpet cleaning assessment.

PS – If you would like to learn more about any of the deep cleaning steps listed above – feel free to connect with us on Facebook and start the conversation.  Or simply call – (703) 737-3117 – the team at Carpet Keepers – we are always glad to share our knowledge and understanding of carpet, area rug, and upholstery cleaning.


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