All Carpet Cleaning Jobs Are Not Created Equal

All Carpet Cleaning Jobs Are Not Created Equal


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Residential carpet cleaning comes down to two basic categories:  maintenance cleaning and restorative cleaning.  The difference between the two types depends on a variety of things like cleaning frequency, soil load, pet damage and dye stains.

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Maintenance Cleaning is the most effective type of cleaning for your home and it offers the greatest chance for maximizing the life of your carpet.   Most carpet manufactures recommend that your carpet be professionally cleaned every 12-18 months.

After deep cleaning, Carpet Keepers recommends that carpet protector be applied annually to prevent permanent staining from food dyes and to help repel soil, which makes vacuuming more effective.

Restorative Cleaning is typically necessary due to extended and infrequent periods between cleanings.  It may also be necessary due to severe carpet damage caused by heavy pet urine (possibly left untreated), abrasive soils that damage fibers, dye stains from food, and sometimes even oils from the bottom of your feet.

This type of damage can hinder the appearance of your carpet by giving it a dull, worn-out look, especially in the traffic lanes.  With the carpet restoration process, you want to allow a longer time frame for actual cleaning and higher level cleaning solutions may be required.

Ultimately, regularly scheduled maintenance carpet cleaning is the most effective and efficient way to clean.


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