Area Rug Cleaning Tips

Area Rug Cleaning Tips

Keep Your Area Rugs Clean

Looking to keep your area rugs like new, well here is a great place to start.  Here are our area rug cleaning tips and suggestions.

Daily vacuuming, protecting them from dirt and a regular cleaning schedule are the three keys to area rugs that look and feel their best, year after year.

When to Clean Your Area Rugs

  • After a rainstorm or snowstorm, to remove mud and salt that have tracked in
  • If the pile looks flat; steam cleaning will cause nylon and wool rugs to fluff back up
  • As part of the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance

How to Clean Area Rugs

Nylon rugs: Hang them and beat the dirt out. Then vacuum them on the front and back sides. Finish with a foam or steam cleaner.

Wool rugs: Wash them by hand or on the delicate cycle, and only in cool water. Wool rugs must lie flat to dry; never use a dryer or hang them to dry.

Synthetic rugs: You can wash them in a machine if they’re small, on the delicate cycle, and air dry them. Be careful not to leave them in the sun too long as this could cause fading.

Braided rugs: Never wash in the machine, they will fall apart. Use a beater and spot-clean any stains.

Extra-large rugs: Clean these the same way you clean your wall-to-wall carpets, using the hot water extraction method.

Handle with Care

It’s important to use the right cleaning methods for your rug. Doing so will depend on the fabric construction, size of rug and type of stain. Some spot cleaners and nonprofessional products can actually make things worse, stripping stain protectors from the rug’s fabric and driving stains in deeper.

Most experts agree that professional cleaning is the best way to keep your area rugs looking and feeling their best, while avoiding problems that could result from using the wrong products or techniques.

Offsite cleaning is also more convenient, as you may not have the time or space to hand-wash and air-dry your rugs.

A professional area rug cleaner can make sure that your rugs are cleaned properly and safely. At Carpet Keepers, we rely on our proprietary PureScience methodology. It’s a safe, nontoxic formula that makes stains and odors vanish and is suitable for any carpet fabric.

We like to say that PureScience isn’t magic, but it sure works like magic to restore your rugs.

Protect Your Investment

Many rug and carpet manufacturers require yearly professional cleaning as a condition of the warranty. A regular cleaning schedule with a certified area rug cleaner ensures that you’re protecting your investment and keeping your rugs at their best.

With Carpet Keepers you’ll get:

  • convenient pickup and delivery of your area rugs
  • offsite cleaning so you don’t have to cleaning agents in your home
  • rugs that are as soft and fresh as new
  • a guarantee that the stains and odors will not return

You spent good money on your area rugs and you want to protect your investment. You also want a home that’s clean, fresh and great-smelling. Our PureScience cleaning will work like magic to make your area rugs look, feel and smell like new again.

We believe in clean and we’ll prove it to you just as we’ve proven it over and over to our hundreds of satisfied customers. We’re local, we’re your neighbors and we’re your best choice for Loudoun County area rug cleaners. Schedule a visit today and discover how easy it is to be clean and green.

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