Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning

The Area Rug

The early days of interior design focused on function over form, ok so it was more survival than design.  Think of the log cabins and farm houses that dotted the Loudoun County landscape.  The idea was to keep homes (and rooms in particular) warm and inviting. While the rural agricultural roots of Ashburn and Leesburg have mostly faded away, area rugs have stood the test of time.

High Traffic Demands

While form has replaced functionality, to a degree – the location of area rugs in our homes typically are in high traffic locations.  Forget pets for the moment and consider the amount of time or the number of footprints your area rug endures.  Probably a fair amount of guest visitors and sole stuck debris from the great outdoors.

Residual Elements & Healthy Living

The build-up of debris, dust, pet hair and the accidental spills of coffee all add up.  Wear and tear is a given, and it does not have to mean trashing your area rug after five years. The dust that collects in carpets may contribute to health problems — particularly asthma.  The last thing you need is a sick area rug!

Regular Cleaning

Think of how often you visit the dentist and why.  Regular cleaning prevents a breakdown of the system and the problems of decay.  The same can be said for your area rug. Sure all rugs, just like your teeth are a bit different from the next person, and that is why we send out our trained technicians to analyze the condition of the area rug and select appropriate cleaning methods.

So, the next time you recognize it has been too long since the last “spring” cleaning of your area rugs contact Carpet Keepers.  We can help you freshen your carpets and area rugs, and if disaster strikes in the form of water damage – we can help there too.  Contact us if you need an expert analysis of your area rug cleaning needs.


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