Carpet Cleaning Methods

Carpet Cleaning Methods

What’s the Best Carpet Cleaning Method?

It’s time to get your carpets deep-cleaned, and you’re looking forward to having them looking and smelling fresher. But you might be confused about what the best method is, and you don’t want to waste time or money on the wrong one. In this post we’ll take a look at four of the most popular carpet-cleaning methods and the pros and cons of each.

At Carpet Keepers we know that an informed consumer is better able to make the right choice when it comes to having a safe, clean and healthy home.


Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction)

  • Uses special detergent and water heated to extremely high temperatures.
  • An “extraction” pass removes the water and detergent.
  • Requires several hours of drying time.
  • Destroys bacteria, mites and odors.
  • If detergent isn’t properly extracted, carpets will attract soil and can end up looking worse.


Dry Clean Method

  • Uses a dry chemical applied to the carpet and then extracted with a heated instrument.
  • Uses only a small amount of water and requires no drying time.
  • Because it uses no detergent, it’s considered safer for homes with pets, children and people with allergies.
  • May not be as good at killing microbes or removing smells.


Carpet Shampoo

  • Easy to do and popular with homeowners who want to clean the carpets themselves.
  • Uses detergent or foam cleaners and a portable steam machine.
  • Overuse of detergents can leave the carpet looking worse than it did before.
  • Because the temperature and extraction power are not at professional levels, this type of cleaner provides only a temporary fix; carpet may look and smell better for a short time but the odors, microbes and deep stains remain.


Bonnet Cleaning

  • A low-moisture method primarily used to improve the look of commercial carpets.
  • Uses a rotating brush and a cloth pad.
  • Considered more environmentally friendly.
  • While it makes carpets look better, it does not give the same deeply cleaned results as other methods.
  • The rotating brush could damage fibers used in residential carpets.


The PureScience Difference

  • Carpet Keepers begins with an assessment of the carpet fiber and stain types, followed by several steps to ensure that all the dirt is removed before we start extracting.
  • PureScience is safe, nontoxic and suitable for pets, children and those with chemical sensitivities.
  • Our “Water Claw” technique destroys pet odors.
  • Carpet Keepers uses an advanced extraction method to kill microbes, mites, bacteria and odors.
  • PureScience also works wonders on your upholstered furniture and area rugs.
  • Only Carpet Keepers provides two quality checks, one when we finish the job and the second one 48 hours later, to make sure no stains have returned.
  • If stains and smells come back we treat them again because we don’t quit until your carpets, furniture and home are as fresh and clean as new.


The Only One

PureScience is only available from Carpet Keepers and it is the only method of cleaning that is clean and nontoxic yet amazingly powerful. We patented this system in 2007 and we’ve watched it work in hundreds of homes.

Call Carpet Keepers today and let us transform your home with the magic of PureScience.

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