Carpet Cleaning for Dingy Carpets

Carpet Cleaning for Dingy Carpets

Professional Carpet Cleaning Service in leesburg, VA

While carpets are often stain-resistant, this doesn’t mean they’re stain proof. If you have extra dingy carpet, it’s important to have a game plan. Familiarize yourself with the tricks and secrets of deep carpet cleaning to ensure your flooring looks brand new for years to come.

Tip #1: Use Your Vacuum

Most homeowners have at least one vacuum in their household. Carpet, hardwood, and tiled floors all benefit from occasional vacuuming and models today come equipped with several attachments for specific jobs. Crevice tools are handy for cleaning along edges; upholstery brushes are used for getting pet hair and dirt off of furniture; and dirt on tiles and hardwood can be swept away with the suction of a vacuum.

The most common use for a vacuum, however, is cleaning carpets and rugs. Vacuuming carpet is an effective way to remove dust, dirt, and pet dander. Products on the market exist to help with odor and stain protection in high traffic areas, and are applied prior to vacuuming. Always read the instructions before using any type of floor cleaner in your home.

Tip #2: Vacuum Frequently

Carpet should be vacuumed at least once a week, with high traffic areas receiving more frequent attention. Pets bring joy to our lives, but also leave behind hair and dander. Considering vacuuming daily, or at least every other day, if you have pets in your home.

Tip #3: How to Vacuum

Simply plugging in the vacuum, turning it on, and quickly sweeping the carpet back and forth is not effective. Slow down, and let the suction do its job. Overlapping strokes will ensure embedded dirt particles are sucked into the vacuum and prevent further carpet fiber damage.

Tip #4: Maintaining a Vacuum

People loyally perform regular maintenance on various household appliances, or at a minimum, try to keep them clean. Other than changing the bag or emptying the contents of the canister, how often do you perform maintenance on your vacuum? Regular maintenance includes changing the filter, inspecting belts, and cleaning. Suction is what renders the carpets clean, so performing this easy maintenance will keep a vacuum performing well.

Tip #5: When to Rent Carpet Cleaning Equipment (We Don’t Suggest It- You Could Do More Harm Than Good On Some Stains)

There are times when carpet is far too dirty to clean with a vacuum cleaner. Stains that refuse to dissolve eventually need to be extracted with a carpet cleaning machine. Hiring a carpet cleaning professional is a great option. When you choose to clean it yourself, knowing how to properly use the equipment is crucial. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s directions.

We do not recommend “do-it-yourself” deep cleaning as it can end up costing you more than a professional and thorough clean, but if you decide to do it anyway, READ READ READ those manuals.

Tip #6: Call a Professional

Sometimes calling a professional carpet cleaner is the way to go. The staff at Carpet Keepers are happy to assist you with any of your carpet cleaning needs.

If you don’t want the hassle of doing it on your own, we offer a variety of services to meet your cleaning needs. Contact us today for a complimentary quote on making the floors, carpet or tile in your home beautiful once again.


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