Carpet Keepers Rolling

Carpet Keepers Rolling

Professional Carpet Cleaners Leesburg VA

Cleaning Up for Fall

Just in time for fall, Carpet Keepers is rolling through Loudoun County in a brand-new fleet of vans.

In business since 2007, our Virginia-based company specializes in carpet cleaning and water-damage restoration services. A certified green cleaner, Carpet Keepers has won numerous customer awards and is recognized as one of the best Loudoun County carpet cleaners.

We’re the only choice if you want a cleaning system that is ecologically sound, long-lasting and backed by a commitment to personal service.

Clean Company, Clean Look

Carpet Keepers is all about health, because a clean home is a healthy home. That’s why PureScience is all natural and contains no dangerous chemicals. As a homeowner, you know it’s not enough to just remove surface stains or cover up smells with artificial fragrance.

You want a deep, honest clean that’s also green.

When you call us, you’re calling on the best. Our technicians are the most experienced, highly trained carpet cleaning professionals in the business, and they’re all thoroughly versed in our PureScience methods.

Count on Carpet Keepers to give you

  • carpet and furniture that look like new
  • a home that’s safe, clean and healthy
  • a fair price and an honest estimate
  • a no-excuses guarantee
  • 24-hour emergency service

The Power of Pure

Carpet Keeper’s secret? Its patented PureScience system that penetrates the deepest layers of the carpet to get the stain out from the root.

Carpet Keepers also uses its own PureRestore system to dry, restore and sanitize your home if you’ve had water damage or mold.

We’re all about a streamlined service that focuses on making your home the best it can be. Our clean fleet will deliver carpet cleaning professionals to your door who will:

  • deep clean your wall-to-wall carpet
  • clean and refresh your area rugs
  • thoroughly clean your upholstered furniture
  • make sure stains and odors are gone for good
  • leave your home bright-looking and fresh-smelling
  • use no toxic chemicals or fragrances

Crisp and Clean

Fall is all about clean, crisp air and the freshness of the great outdoors. At Carpet Keepers we think it’s a great time to introduce a line of vehicles that give us the same clean, crisp look. It’s a reflection of how we’ve continued to evolve as a business.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly we can make your house renewed and refreshed. You’ll love the new brightness that you can see, feel and smell.

We believe in clean and we’ll prove it to you just as we’ve proven it over and over to our hundreds of satisfied customers. We’re local, we’re your neighbors and we’re your best choice for Loudoun County carpet cleaners. Schedule a visit today and discover how easy it is to be clean and green.

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