Carpets are Filters

Carpets are Filters

Why Do Your Lungs Want A Fluffy Carpet?

When was the last time you laid down on your carpet? The last time you really felt how feather-like & refreshing it was? Or did it give you a rash & make you nauseous?

You probably didn’t care, regardless. Your carpets are however you’re used to them being. You’re comfortable with that.

At worst, you’re used to it.

So, as long as they aren’t gross to look at, you probably don’t care much for your carpets. Who would?

Your lungs.

Clean Carpets Cleaner Air

Hopefully, you change the air filters at your place. If not, well, I specialize in carpets, not psychology.

Your carpet, when fluffy & clean, grabs all the pollen, dirt, fungus, & dust mites. Those are the ones that escape the air filter. But that is way more than you think. Especially if you frequently open your windows, doors, or go outside. If you don’t do any of those things…again, I specialize in carpets.


Carpet Cleaning for Different Carpet Fibers


These pollutants often account for the majority of what makes a carpet dirty. The primary culprits being skin cells, dust mites eating the skin cells, dirt, & fungus. Skins cells, mites, dirt, & fungus which you are breathing in every time you walk on a dirty carpet.

Slap your carpet right now. You might even see a cloud of dust puff up. That is primarily dead skin & living mites.

Ok, I will stop before we all get germophobia.

Carpet Keepers Can Help

A clean carpet leads to clean lungs. Does anyone in your house suffer from breathing problems or asthma? Then this is 10 times more important.

Whether it’s for your lungs or feet, keep those carpets light & fluffy so they can catch anything the world drops on them!

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