A Clean Home is A Happy Home

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A Clean Home is A Happy Home

What comes to mind when you hear the words ‘happy home’? Do you think of a family that spends a lot of time together laughing and making memories, kids coming in from school and doing their homework together, sharing a healthy lifestyle with your family, or feeling loved and blessed? Regardless of what comes to mind for you, do you know that a clean home is a key component of a happy home? While it’s not the only component, it sure does contribute to making people feel happier. 

Science proves the correlation.

We’re certain you’ve heard of the term cortisol at some point. With the increased stress in our daily lives, it’s a rather hot topic. Cortisol is a steroid hormone that our body produces that has a major role in helping our bodies respond to stress. When we are under stress, our body releases cortisol to help regulate it. When we are under a lot of stress, cortisol is continually released and it ends up doing more harm than good. It can cause weight gain, headaches, intestinal problems, increased blood pressure and much more. A study done at the University of California showed that women who described their house as messy or cluttered had increased cortisol levels and had increased depressed moods throughout the day. 

Additionally, a study was done at Indiana University that showed that people who have a clean house are more physically active. The study found that those who kept their house clean were more active even over those who had walkable neighborhoods. Being physically active is always a plus as it helps with things like improving your mood, reducing stress and lowering blood pressure. 

Cleanliness is much better for your health.

In addition to reducing cortisol levels and increasing your physical activity, a clean home has many other health benefits that will also help improve your mood. For example, when your carpets are not regularly cleaned, they trap pollutants like dust mites, mold spores, chemicals used around the house and pet dander. This can really impact those with allergies whether they live in the house or are just visiting. If you’ve had allergies, you know that they don’t put you in the most pleasant moods. Also, let’s not forget to mention that if you have small children, they will be crawling around on the carpet and putting their hands in their mouths after they’ve come into contact with these pollutants. 

When your house is not cleaned regularly, there is also an increased chance that viruses and bacteria are living on your couches and other surfaces in your home. These can easily make you and your family ill. Therefore, it’s important that everything in your home is cleaned regularly.

Save time by calling a professional.

We understand that cleaning everything regularly can seem overwhelming. If you have kids or pets, you’ll especially feel like your house will never get clean. With fall sports and the busyness of the holidays coming quickly, it’s not going to get any better. It can be a lot to keep our homes tidy all of the time so we suggest bringing in the professionals. They can help you save time so that your extra time can be spent with family and not cleaning. Some professionals that you may consider hiring are:

  • A professional organizer to help you manage the clutter.
  • A cleaning company to help with general cleaning.
  • A duct cleaning company to help keep your indoor air quality good. 
  • A carpet cleaning company to clean your carpet, tile and grout, and upholstery. 

Don’t stress…your home is meant to be lived in.

As we mentioned before, stress can be really detrimental to your health, especially when cortisol is being released more often than not. When you call in a professional for help, you’re able to free up so much time to actually enjoy your home. Your home is meant to be lived in. Take that extra time for family games nights or spending the morning reading in your favorite chair. You’ll find that by not stressing about cleaning and allowing the professionals to do it, everyone in your home will be much happier!

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