Carpet Cleaning During the Winter Season

Carpet Cleaning During the Winter Season

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Don’t Let the Weather Fool You

We get it. The thought of having your front door ajar during the winter months is plenty of reason to consider putting off your carpet cleaning until spring. However, here’s one thing to consider before deciding to hold off until spring…count the cost of carpet cleaning during the winter season.

Harsh winters can take a toll on your carpet. Eventually, ice melt, sand and grit being tracked in on a regular basis gets ground into your carpet fibers. This scratches the fibers and reduces its vibrancy.

Once the fibers are damaged, the carpet will appear to look dull or dirty which can affect the appearance of your space and potentially cause premature replacement.

Extending the Life of Your Carpet

Well-maintained carpet can last between 8-10 years without sacrificing benefits and features that were important to you when you initially purchased your carpet. So, the temporary inconvenience of having the door slightly open while cleaning during the winter months should not outweigh the overall benefits, including cost savings, of regular carpet maintenance.

Carpet Keepers is here to help. We work on stains of any kind and can give your carpet a fresh new look. Simply call us at (703) 737-3117 to schedule your appointment today.

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