Emergency Carpet Cleaning

Emergency Carpet Cleaning

Emergency Carpet Clean-up

Accidents happen, some are caused by our own negligence (spills of all types) and others simple malfunctions in mechanical devices (water heater ruptures).  Whatever the reason, one thing is certain, you likely have a large clean-up on your hands.  What is your first course of action after securing your home?

Carpet Keepers provides a 24/7 emergency service to help homeowners dealing with water damage to their carpets. This type of damage can happen even if there isn’t an actual flood outside. Burst pipes, a leaking water heater or a defective toilet that overflowed in the basement are common causes of flooding in homes and can occur when you least expect them to happen.

Replace or Restore?

No matter the size or scope of the affected area, we can do emergency flood clean-up that will restore your carpets to their pre-disaster condition. In most cases, having professionals clean the carpets will be less expensive than replacing them entirely. Your carpets will look just like they did when new.

Carpets act as a sponge that will quickly absorb water. This isn’t a huge issue if only a small quantity of water was spilled on them, but things are different if actual flooding occurred. If the carpet was covered with water, mold may start growing if it isn’t dried out and treated by specialists. Certain bacteria may also grow in flooded carpets, further adding to the health risks.

Act Fast with Professional Care

Carpet drying after a flood isn’t a job that should be left up to amateurs or a DIY project. At Carpet Keepers, we have years of experience restoring damaged carpets and have a team of technicians with years of experience who will show up with professional equipment to get the job done right. After we clean up your carpets, you can rest easy knowing that all potential health hazards have been dealt with.

Flood clean-up should be done immediately to prevent further property damage. We’re available around the clock and have a dedicated local team who is ready to help you if you need our services after business hours. Even if it’s the middle of the night, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ll dispatch highly experienced technicians right away.

Not Just About the Carpets

While untreated water damage can ruin your carpets, it can also cause structural damage to your home. When you hire us, we will use the most effective carpet drying techniques to get all of the water out of your carpets and we’ll take care of the flooded room too. Damage to walls and floors will be assessed and equipment will be brought in to control humidity levels. All of this is done to prevent property damage, as well as mold and mildew growth.

The good news is most water damage, when addressed promptly, can be repaired and fully restored to its former state.  If you have an immediate water damage, or any carpet cleaning emergency trust Carpet Keepers your local emergency carpet cleaner.  Feel free to contact for expert carpet care consultation.

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