Extend Carpet Life In Your Office Building

Extend Carpet Life In Your Office Building

Extend Carpet Life In Your Office Building

Extend Carpet Life in High Traffic Office Space

Maintaining a clean carpet office or commercial building facility is not an easy task especially when there is a lot of visitor traffic in your facility. Creating a thorough maintenance plan is key to extend carpet life in your office building, for a clean appearance and to maintain a healthier workplace for your employees.

Welcome Mat

Placing entryway matting helps reduce the amount of dirt brought into the facility from outside. Bigger matting are better to sufficiently wipe off dirt from shoes before entering the carpet areas in your facility.

Clean Spots And Spills Immediately

Act quickly when accidental spills happens from drinks or food, removing spots and spills will reduce the chances of getting permanent stains on the carpet from spills.

It is best to utilize a carpet cleaning solution that has been certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute which will remove the spot safely without causing any discoloration of the carpet fibers.

For tips on removing specific stains or spots from carpet visit the Carpet and Rug Institute Spot Solver.

Vacuum Daily

Daily vacuuming of your carpet specially the high traffic areas is the most effective way of keeping your carpet clean. Having a vacuuming schedule can help remove up to 95% of dry soil particles from the carpet effectively.

The easiest way of cleaning your carpet is frequent vacuuming. Regular vacuuming removes sand, dry soil and dirt from carpet that can damage the carpet fibers and in high traffic areas can cause traffic pattern that makes carpet look worn.

Periodic Deep Cleaning

It is recommended to deep clean the carpet periodically on a semi-annual basis to remove embedded dirt and to restore carpet to its original condition. Deep cleaning also helps extend the life of carpet in your facility. Daily vacuuming and semi-annual deep cleaning helps carpet maintain its performance and original appearance. Deep cleaning is best done by a professional like Carpet Keepers Inc.

Following all these steps listed here will help you keep a longer lasting cleaner and healthier carpet in your facility.


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