Freshen Up Your Area Rugs

Freshen Up Your Area Rugs

Cleaning Area Rugs

Your area rugs give style and comfort to your home, and with a little care they can look beautiful for years.

Cleaning your area rugs will keep them vibrant and remove allergens. Regular vacuuming is the first step but to keep them looking, feeling and smelling like new, you need to consider regularly scheduled deep-cleaning.  In this post we will share two options and pointers for cleaning area rugs.

The DIY Way

If you’re doing the area rug cleaning yourself, the experts at Better Homes & Gardens recommend the following steps:

1. Begin with a thorough vacuuming. If your rug is a delicate or antique one you may have to first put down protective netting to avoid damaging it.

2. Use a stiff brush to remove pet hairs.

3. If the rug is washable, hang it outside and beat it to loosen dirt. Then wash it in warm water on the delicate cycle. You may have to take it to a commercial washing facility to use an extra-large machine.

Be careful when buying rug cleaners. Many spot removal formulas sold in stores can damage the rug’s protective layer and lead to worse staining later.

Go With a Pro

Michael Hilton, author of the “Carpet Buyers Handbook,” points out that it’s important to select the right cleaning method depending on the fibers used in your area rug. Each type will need a different solvent and different cleaning method. He recommends a yearly professional cleaning to keep area rugs in top shape.

Professional rug cleaning takes away the worry about products and techniques and ensures that your rugs are cleaned the right way every time.

Housekeeping expert Martha Stewart also recommends professional cleaning as the best way to keep area rugs looking their best.

A Better Solution

At Carpet Keepers, we know how important it is to keep your home clean and your family safe.

Ours is the only area rug cleaner that uses the nontoxic PureScience technology that we developed. With PureScience, even the toughest stains and odors disappear like magic.

When you call us to clean your area rugs we will:

  • examine the rugs and explain our cleaning process
  • give you a clear estimate with no hidden fees
  • pick up the rugs and transport them to our facility
  • perform a thorough cleaning using our patented PureScience system
  • return your rugs on the scheduled date

Our Promise to You

We can clean anything, including ground-in grime, waste, oil and pet stains and odors. When we bring back your rug it will be soft, clean and fresh. You’ll be amazed at the results and delighted with the way your house looks, feels and smells.
Keeping your rugs clean will give your home a bright new look and keep it healthy. Your area rugs are an investment that should last many years, and with Carpet Keepers, they will.

The Magic Touch

We are so confident that our area rug cleaning is the best on the market, we offer not one but two satisfaction checks.

The first is when we deliver the rug and make sure you’re happy with it. The second is 48 hours later to make sure that no stains or odors have returned.

Call us today and discover why no other area rug cleaner can beat us for service, professionalism and cleaning prowess. Let the magic of PureScience transform your area rugs and give them fresh new life.

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