The High Costs of Poor Carpet Maintenance

The High Costs of Poor Carpet Maintenance

The High Costs of Poor Carpet Maintenance

Proper Carpet Cleaning & Discipline Pays Off

Carpet can be a stylish and economical choice for home and commercial buildings. However, proper cleaning and maintenance can mean the difference between huge savings and heavy expense.  Consider the high costs of poor carpet maintenance.

It is important to choose a carpet that is suitable for its environment; however, having a proper cleaning routine is just as important to maintain appearance and functionality. Don’t believe us? Check out these stories and you will definitely understand the importance of having a cleaning routine in your home or business.

The Public Library Carpet Flop

A public library in Jamestown, NY, installed 800 square feet of carpet that had a life expectancy of 10 years. However, a combination of poor maintenance, high traffic, and effects of ice melt, after just one year the carpet had to be shelved. With a proper cleaning routine the carpet could have lasted an additional 9 years! The total amount of money lost was $50,000.

Department Store Debacle

A department store in Detroit, MI, installed 2,500 square yards of carpet with a life expectancy of 8 years. However, after less than two years the stains and spots were so severe they could not be removed and the carpet had to be replaced. Again, no carpet maintenance program was in order and the entire carpet had to be replaced. Total money lost was $73,000.

Law Firm Loop Carpet Loss

A law firm in Chicago made an investment in 6,000 square yards of cut and loop carpet. They did not properly research care instructions for the carpet and in just one year the carpet was heavily stained and had to be replaced. The total amount of money lost was $38,000.

Condo Carpet Conundrum

Condo owners in Boca Raton, FL, put down 1,800 square yards of custom patterned carpet. The carpet was intended to last 6-8 years. Sadly the carpet was soiled beyond repair in only a year. The condominium had been using the wrong products to maintain the carpet and ended up having to replace the entire area of custom patterned carpet. Total amount of money lost was $77,400.

As you can see, failing to properly maintain your carpet can be both costly and embarrassing. Fortunately with proper care and regular professional cleaning, carpets can last well until their life expectancy. The key is knowing the proper care guidelines for your type of carpet and using products that are Rug and Carpet Institute Certified.

Carpet Keepers can provide you the knowledge you need to keep your carpet looking great between professional cleanings and offer up a wealth of knowledge for home or business owners.  Want to keep more money in your wallet and keep your carpets clean?  If so, contact Carpet Keepers for a Rug and Carpet Institute certified cleaning and all the knowledge that comes along with it. Contact us at (703) 737-3117.

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