Landlord or Tenant – Who Cleans Office Carpets?

Landlord or Tenant – Who Cleans Office Carpets?

Keeping Office Carpets Clean and Healthy

Just like residential carpet, commercial carpets need regular cleaning to look their best, remain odor-free and create a safe, healthy environment. Although many commercial carpets are designed to hide dirt, they can’t hide mold, bacteria or allergens. Scheduled cleanings with a carpet cleaning professional will ensure that your office environment stays clean.

Benefits of Clean Office Carpets

Beyond the obvious tidy appearance, regular carpet cleaning in commercial space makes good clean sense.  Here are a few benefits to consider:

  • A safer, healthier environment for your employees means better morale and less absenteeism.
  • Clean surroundings make a positive impression on customers and potential employees.
  • You’ll reduce allergens and toxins that are brought in from people entering the building.
  • Regularly cleaned carpeting lasts longer.
  • Many carpet manufacturers require regular, professional cleaning as a condition of your warranty.

Who is Responsible for Cleaning Office Carpets?

Under the terms of most commercial leases, the tenants of an office building are responsible for keeping their individual offices clean, including the tenant’s own lobby, foyer, and hallway. The landlord is responsible for keeping the building’s common areas clean, including the building’s lobby, shared hallways, and common stairways.

Lease agreements sometimes specify a cleaning schedule, for instance, daily or weekly vacuuming along with annual professional cleaning. The terms of your lease may vary, so the best approach is to consult your leasing manager.

Whatever the lease specifies, most high-traffic, commercial carpets will need professional cleaning twice a year at minimum.

Can the Janitorial Service Do It?

Most janitorial companies are not experts in carpet cleaning. In most cases, they use rented machines that their employees may not have the training to use and products that may not be appropriate for the type of commercial carpeting you have.

Janitorial services are good at keeping the rest of your office space clean, but when it comes to deep carpet cleaning, you should rely on specialists.

Regularly Scheduled Cleanings

In order to maintain carpets in a clean, healthy condition and prevent any lease violations, it’s a good idea to contact a professional carpet cleaning company. There are many benefits to doing so for a commercial property.

  • The professional cleaning company can set up a regularly scheduled routine of carpet cleanings so you don’t have to remember to keep calling every few months.
  • A professional cleaner uses products and devices that are specifically indicated to clean commercial carpets.
  • Professional cleaners use methods that eradicate mildew, mold and dust mites.

The Frequency of Carpet Cleanings

Most commercial spaces should have their carpeting professionally cleaned at least twice a year. Consider more frequent cleanings for specific establishments.

Restaurants. Grease from the kitchen can get trapped in carpet fibers, allowing stains and odors to attach to the fibers. More frequent cleaning will also help reduce the possibility of pests and insects.

Retail stores. The high foot traffic that comes in, often carrying street grime, might leave your carpeting dirtier than the typical office carpeting. More frequent cleanings will create an attractive environment for your customers.

Clinics and doctors’ offices. To reduce the growth of germs and mold spores, more frequent cleanings are necessary for these areas. You might want to ask about special products indicated specifically for clinical settings.

Daycares and preschools. To reduce the chance of infection, all carpets in areas frequented by children need to be cleaned frequently.

Call the Carpet Experts

CarpetKeepers specializes in cleaning residential and commercial carpets and upholstery. We begin with an in-depth cleaning that removes all stains and odors from your wall-to-wall carpeting and area rugs. We then maintain the rugs and carpets in a clean, healthy state with regularly scheduled follow-up cleanings.

To keep your commercial carpeting clean, fresh and healthy, call CarpetKeepers and set up a cleaning schedule today. You’ll reap all the benefits of a fresh, healthy environment that will satisfy your lease agreement and keep your customers, employees, and visitors happy.

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