Leesburg Carpet Cleaning and Restoration Tips

Leesburg Carpet Cleaning and Restoration Tips

What Causes Carpet Wear and Tear?

There are many sneaky issues we face that contribute to the wear and tear of our carpets, rugs, and upholstery. Some are buried too deep in our carpets for us to notice the dangerous buildup while others are very noticeable but tricky to get rid of.

Continue reading for how to prevent the issues and reverse the damage!

1. Not Moving Your Furniture

We’ve all seen the unattractive dents left in our carpets and rugs after rearranging a room. Although the crater might not last forever, the carpet in that area loses a lot of its fluffiness and begins to look years past its true age.

To avoid this, move your furniture an inch or two once every month, and the wear and tear caused by denting will subside.

2. Buildup of Allergens and Dust Mites

Allergens like pollen, dust, and miscellaneous outdoor debris build up in our carpets pretty quickly. They affect about 40 percent of Americans in various ways.

Symptoms can include a dry, itchy throat, a case of the sniffles, and other respiratory inflictions; and they aren’t just bad for people. Your carpet will take a toll also! It’s very important to rid your carpet of allergens by deep cleaning.

3. Odor

Carpet odor plagues the best of us, especially those who are pet owners. Smelly carpets can be easily caused by a number of things (cooking spills, muddy feet, pet accidents) but are very difficult to get rid of and worsen the longer they are ignored.

Unfortunately, odors are tough to prevent, so other than being extra careful there’s not much you can do in that department.

4. Shoes

Your favorite pair of shoes could be causing a big problem for your new carpet or rug. There’s the obvious tracking of mud and debris that cause long term stains. Also, stiletto heels can rip permanent, unsightly holes in your carpet, and there’s pretty much no going back after that. Clunky shoes can beat down your carpet, aging it greatly. Overall, it’s best to kick off your footwear before stepping onto your carpet.

5. Poor Ventilation = Mold

In moist, stuffy areas (think: basements) your carpets or upholstery will probably begin to develop mold. It’s tough to spot because the growth usually occurs on the bottom of the carpet and moves quickly from there. However, mold is not something to mess around with– it’s best to go to the professionals for this one.

Contact your Leesburg Carpet Cleaner

While there are much more small issues that contribute to the wear and tear of carpet, these are the main five that you might not notice until it’s too late. Luckily, not all damage is permanent. To restore your carpet and prevent further sneaky wear and tear make sure to call local carpet professionals for a deep cleaning at least once a year.

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