Managing Clean Carpets and Kids

Managing Clean Carpets and Kids

Managing Clean Carpets

Even the most well-behaved child can do some serious damage to a clean home. Unfortunately, the carpet is one of the areas that is most affected by these tiny tornadoes. The carpet takes the brunt of the damage from high traffic areas to accidental spills.

Managing Clean Carpets and Kids with help from Carpet Keepers Ashburn VA

Lucky for you, there are a few things you can do to help keep your carpet looking in tip-top shape while your kids are being kids.  We can help to manage clean carpets and kids – well maybe not managing your kids!

Here are 6 steps to keeping your carpet clean and kids happy:

Lay out the welcome mat. There are more to welcome mats than meets the eye.  Sure, it is nice to have some manners and give a nice welcome to anyone entering your home, but the welcome mat can also help keep your carpet clean. Put a welcome mat directly in front of the entry door to help remove large particles of dirt and mud from shoes before they make their way into the house.

  1. No shoe policy. Even with a welcome mat, you will want to be sure all children (and adults) are taking their shoes off at the door. This will help ensure that the dirt and grime on the bottom of the shoe are not transferred to the carpet upon entry.

  2. Vacuum regularly. Don’t let dirt, dust, and allergens sit on the carpet for extended periods of time. Vacuuming several times weekly can help ensure a large buildup does not take place. If you can’t vacuum the entire house daily, vacuum the high traffic areas and then rotate through the other areas throughout the week.

  3. Don’t cry over spilled milk. Okay, maybe you can cry, but get to cleaning while the tears are still flowing before the stain sets. Any accidental spills, liquid or solid, should be cleaned immediately. You will want to remove any solid items first and then gently blot the remaining liquid up until it is thoroughly dry. Getting the area dry is key to avoiding any potential mold issues.

  4. Check toys and socks. Anything that has been outside should be cleaned before making its way back into the house. Toys and socks often get overlooked here. Socks are great to wear around the house for children, but if those socks are worn outside and then back inside, they are just as dirty as the shoes. Therefore, check the bottom of socks frequently for dirt.

  5. You need a professional. Don’t wait until your carpet is dingy to call a professional. If you have children, your carpet should be cleaned professionally at least twice a year. This will keep the carpet looking newer and the air fresher in the home.

Professional Carpet Cleaners

What tips do you have for keeping your carpet clean with little ones in the house?  Contact Carpet Keepers we can help clean-up after a busy summer – call today to learn more about our Back to School specials.  Proudly serving Loudoun County VA.

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