Nontoxic Carpet Cleaning Tips

Nontoxic Carpet Cleaning Tips

Nontoxic Carpet Cleaning Tips to remove stain and odors

Don’t Cry It’s Just Spilt Coffee!

Between kids and pets, it’s very easy for the carpet in your home to become dust, dirt and stain central. Use these simple nontoxic carpet cleaning tips to remove and reduce stains and smells in your carpeting.

Odor Control

Sprinkle baking soda on your carpet and let it set for 30 minutes before vacuuming. Since baking soda is organic and a neutral substance it will help to further improve the indoor smell in your home and will not cause staining already present to become set in the acid dye resistors in the carpet fiber. As an added benefit,  is that if your kids or pets lay on it since baking soda is a neutral PH just like your skin it will not cause skin irritation.

Stain Removal

Coffee: “Blot up what you can using a dry, clean towel. The blot with a mixture of water and distilled white vinegar, and let that sit for 15 minutes. Then blot up with a slightly damp rag. If the stain persists call a professional as any further attempts may set the organic dye in the acid dye resistor sites in the carpet.

Grease: Use a orange peel and gently dab (never rub) on the grease stain.  The D’Limomene in the orange peel itself is a great emulsifier of greasy substances.  Once you  have dabbed the stain gently use a white terry cloth rag and fresh water to remove residue

Potty training: Every child and animal will have accidents, it is just a fact of life.  A great way to remove these accidents is get a bucket of lukewarm water with a teaspoon of Liquid Tide and a sprinkle of baking soda.  Mix into a bowl or bucket and gently dab (never rub) the mixture onto the stain.  After dabbing the stain with a clean white terry cloth towel and there is still some residual staining left over the use of white vinegar in a eye dropper along with a drop of Liquid Tide should be able to pull the remaining dye out of the carpet.  

Extra Tough Stains and Carpet Maintenance

If you have stains that you just can’t seem to get out, give Carpet Keepers Inc a call. We will do the work and get your carpet looking new in no time.  


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