Only Sunglasses – When Water Damage Strikes

Only Sunglasses – When Water Damage Strikes

sunglassesWe all know how it feels to be caught in an unexpected rain storm without the security of an umbrella. In fact I remember being in such a predicament last year while hanging out with my wife and daughter at Hershey Park. Without any warning, except for the immediate darkening of the sky which gave us little time to react, we were pummeled by heavy raindrops. Those raindrops sent us scrambling for cover. Once we realized the rain was not going to let up, we scurried to the car and proceeded to go home. All was well, although we were very wet, until my wife realized that her favorite sunglasses must have fallen off her head while running to the car.

Although only sunglasses were lost, think how different our story would have been had we simply been prepared with an umbrella in hand.

This is similar to what happens when rain water enters your home.  Usually it comes unexpectedly during the least convenient times, which sends you running for help.

As you know spring showers will soon be in the forecast.  So you do not find yourself in a situation, we encourage you to take these precautionary steps to prevent water from entering your home. If your home is flooded you obviously stand to lose more than sunglasses. You will lose time, sleep and money.

Here are some helpful preventative tips:

  1. Be sure test your sump pump to ensure that is operating correctly. This is the number one reason we see basements flooded during the rainy season.
  2. If you have a drain outside of your basement door, be sure that it remains free from any debris
  3. Make sure gutters and downspouts are clear of debris. Down spouts should be properly pointed away from foundation.

Insurance carriers are well aware of the damaging effects of water and the need to be completely prepared. Below is a letter from a local insurance agent concerning the need to always be prepared when it comes to water.


My carriers tell me that the top 4 types of claims are Water, Dog Bites, Fire, and Hail, with water topping the list in frequency. At Loudoun Insurance Group we do not sell/issue any standard homeowners policies without water & sewer back-up coverage.



Charles “Bud” Kieninger, Property & Casualty Director

Loudon Insurance Group, LLC

Do not get caught in a flood of water in your house without being prepared! You will never regret taking the proper steps to make sure you are ready for the rainy season!

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