Pet Stain and Odor Accidents

Pet Stain and Odor Accidents

Pet Stain on Carpets

The worst thing about puppies having accidents inside is that they will return to the same spot over and over again because they can still smell the previous accident. Even if you can get the stain out of the carpet or rug, when the odor remains, the poor dog will go right back to the spot and have an accident again because it smells like the perfect place to go. You clean and clean, but you can’t get rid of that smell. What can you do?

Luckily, the Humane Society has some good answers for us!

Where’d it happen?

You need to find which areas are soiled, and then re-train your pet to avoid eliminating in those areas. And to do that, you’ll have to clean those areas and clean them well.

Here are the steps you’ll need to take:

  • Use your nose and eyes to find soiled areas. You might want to use a black light, which you can purchase at a home supply store. A black light will usually show even old urine stains. Turn out all of the lights in the room; use the black light to identify soiled areas, and lightly outline the areas with chalk.

  • Clean the soiled areas to remove the odors.

  • Visit your veterinarian to rule out medical causes for the behavior.

Cleaning up

Make the “accident zone” unattractive and/or unavailable to your pet and the appropriate “bathroom” area attractive as a way to retrain your pet. Then use positive reinforcement techniques to show him the appropriate place to eliminate. To do this successfully, follow the Humane Society’s recommendations for retraining your pet.

If you do not completely clean the area, your re-training efforts will be in vain.

As long as your pet can smell his personal scent, he’ll continue to return to the “accident zone.” Even if you can’t smell traces of urine, your pet can. Your most important chore is to follow these steps to remove (neutralize) that odor:

To clean carpeted areas and upholstery

For “new” stains (those that are still wet):

  • Soak up as much of the urine as possible with a combination of newspaper and paper towels. The more fresh urine you can remove before it dries, especially from carpet, the easier it will be to remove the odor. Place a thick layer of paper towels on the wet spot, and cover that with a thick layer of newspaper. If possible, put newspaper under the soiled area as well. Stand on this padding for about a minute. Remove the padding, and repeat the process until the area is barely damp.

  • If possible, put the fresh, urine-soaked paper towel in the area where it belongs—your cat’s litter box or your dog’s designated outdoor “bathroom area.” This will help remind your pet that eliminating isn’t a “bad” behavior as long as it’s done in the right place.

  • Rinse the “accident zone” thoroughly with clean, cool water. After rinsing, remove as much of the water as possible by blotting or by using a wet vac.

When choosing a stain removing or pet odor product, choose one approved by the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Seal of Approval testing and certification program for carpet cleaning products and equipment.

Professional Stain Removal Company

CRI’s pet stain products on our list of spot removers have passed the Seal of Approval testing.  Odor removal products are a recent addition to the Seal of Approval program. If you are still struggling with stains or pet odor issues, call in Carpet Keepers to get you back to a clean slate.

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