Professional Upholstery Cleaning in Leesburg

Professional Upholstery Cleaning in Leesburg

Why Clean Upholstery?

Furniture and upholstery are parts of our everyday lives, but often overlooked when it comes time to clean. We spend hours polishing wood floors and vacuuming the carpet even though we definitely spend more time sitting on armchairs and couches rather than the floor. So most of us avoid cleaning out upholstery– but at what cost? Believe it or not, neglecting to properly care for your upholstery can lead to some pretty serious issues.

1.Dust Mite Buildup

Dust mites are tiny, insect-like pests that live off of human dead skin flecks (yuck!) and other dirt, which makes our rarely cleaned upholstery the perfect home for them. The mites can inflict annoying, allergy-like symptoms on anyone who has had long-term exposure. More importantly, they can trigger serious allergic reactions in those who have pre-existing allergies. The only guaranteed way to get rid of these pests for good is to deep clean your upholstery. Better safe than sorry!

2. Air Quality

Unclean upholstery has a big influence on the health of the entire home. The amount of dirt, mold, pet dander, and allergens trapped in your couch can seriously decrease the air quality, leading to upper respiratory issues- many of which can be very dangerous, especially for people with asthma. With a deep cleaning for your upholstery and some fresh air, the air quality of your house should be back to normal.

3. Appearance

The cleanliness of our upholstery plays a large role in the overall appearance of our furniture. If you give up on thoroughly cleaning the upholstery, dirt and dust will settle into the cushions in no time- not to mention stains. A grimy, well worn couch or chair can bring down the look of a whole room. Best to take care of your furniture and keep it looking good as new.

4. Avoid Repurchasing New Furniture

Ground in dirt and grime jump-starts the aging process on your upholstery. No one wants to prematurely say goodbye to a favorite couch or chair- especially if it’s been passed down through family! Giving upholstery a good cleaning can win you the fight against the seemingly unavoidable wear and tear and give your furnishings a much longer life.

5. Mold and Mildew

You may notice dark, moldy spots growing on the undersides of your upholstery. While mold and mildew are more common when it comes to outdoor furniture, your indoor couches and cushions are also subject to mold if you stop cleaning them for long enough. If you see moldy spots, it’s definitely time to get your upholstery clean- mold is not something you should mess around with.

Imagine your furniture being the culprit behind allergic reactions.  Consider the symptoms of mold exposure can include nasal and sinus congestion, runny nose, respiratory problems such as wheezing and difficulty breathing, chest tightness, a cough, throat irritation, and sneezing/ sneezing fits- definitely not something we want. Stop your upholstery from developing mold and get it cleaned with Carpet Keepers!

Leesburg Professional Upholstery Cleaning

To prevent all the issues that come with neglecting your upholstery, contact Carpet Keepers for an upholstery deep clean. The whole house will benefit from the fresh furniture, no matter the season of the year.

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