Spring Cleaning: Don’t Skip the Tile and Grout

Spring Cleaning: Don’t Skip the Tile and Grout

Don’t Cut Corners (or Tiles) this Spring Cleaning Season

It is time for Spring cleaning don’t skip the tile and grout!  Cleaning tile floors requires brute strength, determination and sometimes a little wishful thinking. Grout and tile are porous which means they can easily collect dirt, grime and become easily discolored. Regardless of how much you scrub and clean, if your tiles are still looking dingy, it may be time to call in the professionals at Carpet Keepers.

The dirty, dingy or stained grout lines between the tile can be very difficult to get clean on your own. Normal mopping of a floor pushes around the dirt and leaves a dirty detergent residue in the grout lines. This grime can be virtually impossible to remove by traditional means and may require a professional cleaning service like that offered by Carpet Keepers.

Our service goes beyond standard cleaning, we clean deep within the grout and tile to remove the dirt and debris from within the tile’s pores. We don’t just remove surface dirt and stains! Instead, our high powered commercial equipment utilizes heat, vacuuming, high pressured rinsing agents and high-quality cleaning products to offer a truly thorough clean.

Spring Cleaning: Don't Skip the Tile and Grout - Call Carpet Keepers in Leesburg for fresh tile!

Looks Like New

Our professional tile and grout cleaning service in Leesburg, Virginia restores your floors to their original beauty making them look like new. Our results are far better than hand cleaning on your own. Once we have thoroughly cleaned the area we don’t stop there. At your request, we can fully seal the tile and grout lines. The sealant offers continued protection from the ground in dirt and grime and will keep your floors looking fresher, longer. Our goal is to make tile and grout cleaning easy and hassle-free for you as the homeowner.

After we clean your tile and grout:

  • Vacuum the area before mopping to eliminate as much dirt as possible. This will keep it from getting ground into your tiles when you mop.

  • Always rinse after you mop.

  • Avoid bleach and other harsh chemical cleaners that might break down sealants.

Spring cleaning is well underway, so call Carpet Keepers today to schedule your Tile and Grout service. We will have your tile floors looking like new in no time!  And if the time is right for an updated floor or counter to consider reaching out to our friends at Sky Marble and Granite – they bring the same level of professionalism to each project as Carpet Keepers.

Schedule a cleaning today with Carpet Keepers, based in Leesburg, VA.

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