The Right Flooring Solution

A completely ruin carpet that is beyond cleaning

The Right Flooring Solution

Your In-house Carpet Care Experts

In our previous post we shared about the benefits of having neighbors you can rely on for expert advice.  At Carpet Keepers our business thrives on referrals from satisfied “neighbors” just like you.

Now, consider the instance when you are asked to make a judgement call on the best carpet cleaning company to call – what would you do.  Certainly you would not share a referral to a poorly run operation, and we apply a similar principle.

When Carpet Cleaning is Not the Solution

A completely ruin carpet that is beyond cleaning

Finding the right carpet cleaning solution

From time to time Carpet Keepers is called upon to tackle a seriously neglected property (commercial or residential) and we are faced with providing the best solution – a solution that requires we defer the business.  It’s true, some floors are beyond cleaning and repair.  And we decline the job!

We don’t walk away and leave you in a lurch, we provide the best flooring solution.  In the case of “flooring beyond repair” we lean on our experts in the neighborhood.  Our friends at Sterling Carpet Shop have been support our clients with the right flooring solution since 1976.  Serving the Leesburg and Ashburn area with quality solutions.

Working with Great Neighbors Makes all the Difference

So, the next time you are uncertain about the future of your flooring, contact Carpet Keepers (from Clifton to Purcellville) – if we can help you by cleaning your carpets we will do our best.  IF the flooring is beyond cleaning, you can trust we will steer you in the direction.




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