Three Reasons to use Eco-friendly Carpet Cleaning Solution

Three Reasons to use Eco-friendly Carpet Cleaning Solution

Keeping your Carpets Clean and  your Home Eco Safe

We’ve heard it said before, “It’s all about the children” and when choosing a professional carpet cleaning service, it about clean and safe carpet eco-friendly cleaning products.

Here are 3 reasons we use eco-friendly, green or EPA approved cleaning solutions, are not only good for you and me, but for the life and durability of your carpet.

First, the solution preserves the essential protective elements that prevent soil wicking.  That means, the dirt and debris wont find a home in your carpet fibers.  Long live the clean carpet!

Second, the FDA approved solution is perfect for cleaning wool and upholstery.  Clean comfort without wondering if your sitting in some crazy cleaning detergent – how’s that for peace of mind.

Thirdly, the cleaning solution WILL NOT remove the stain resistant protective properties of your carpet.  Similar to the first item above, yet different enough to garner comment.  Carpet KEEPERS – we want your carpet to keep!

Staying Green and Clean

So, before you hire a professional carpet cleaning team, like us, ask them what Eco-friendly solutions they use.  Their answer will help guide your path – hopefully right back to Carpet Keepers.

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