Top Carpet Stain Culprits

Top Carpet Stain Culprits

About the Top Carpet Stain Culprits

If your carpet seems to magically attract stains, you’re not alone. Here are the top carpet stain offenders with tips on preventing stains.

Drips and Spills

Most carpet stains are caused by drips, spills, and splashes of colored liquid. Spilled drinks, dropped food and other accidents all contribute to stains and odors on your carpet.

How to prevent spill stains:

  • Avoid eating or drinking in carpeted areas.
  • Blot spills immediately when they happen.
  • Use salt or baking soda to blot stains from colored drinks like wine, juice and cola.

Pets and Plants

You enjoy plants, and you love your pets. Together, however, they can be sources of carpet stains.

Pets can track mud into your house from outside and leave it all over your carpets. Their hair can build up and create hairballs that leave ugly, dark marks on your carpet. Potted plants can leak water from their pots into your carpet.

To prevent pet and plant stains:

  • Vacuum frequently if you have pets, and be sure to vacuum deep in the corners.
  • Wipe your pet’s feet with a pet wipe or a rag when they come in with muddy or wet days.
  • Water plants outdoors or in a sink.
  • Avoid overwatering plants to prevent water spills.

Ice and Ice Melt

Dropping ice on your carpet can be damaging if the ice melts and soaks into the padding. It may discolor the fibers and look like a stain.

During the winter, ice melt and ice salt can enter your home. Ice melt is highly damaging to fabric fibers, and it can discolor carpet.

  • Don’t allow dropped ice to melt into your carpet. Blot the water immediately.
  • Leave your shoes outside or in a mudroom when you come home after walking in snow or ice.

Mystery Stains

Finally, there are those stains that seem to come out of nowhere. They show up on your carpet as unsightly blotches, even when you think your carpet is clean.

Where do they come from? Here are some surprising sources of your mystery stains.

  • Cleaning products: When you clean the rest of your house, spills from cleaners can land on your carpet and discolor it.
  • Pool and beach water: If you swim in a pool or at the beach, dripping water can land on your carpet. Pool water has chlorine, which can bleach out the color of your carpet. Saltwater is damaging to carpet fibers.
  • Leftover carpet cleaner: If you tried to use a do-it-yourself carpet cleaner, it may have left soap residue. This later shows up as a discoloration on your carpet.

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