When Paint Spills

When Paint Spills

Paint Spills and Carpet

Carpet Keepers has seen its fair share of carpet disasters that call for urgent and immediate action – emergency carpet cleaning!  Spilling a cup of coffee if left uncleaned can leave a lasting impression.  But what about a gallon of paint?  While the coffee stain can be treated and ultimately cleaned out, a gallon of paint spilled on a carpet is another story altogether.

When the Paint Spills

Of course when you are painting the trim in your family room and a small drop lands on the carpet, you know what to do, right?  Search the internet (of course) for a quick solution to your paint spill.  Here is one site that details a variety of quick DIY carpet clean-up solutions.

The small spills, drops and messes are just that small and typically an easy clean.  When a gallon spills you need to contact expert emergency carpet cleaners.  With spills of this size the paint not only spreads far and wide, but it penetrates beyond the fibers and potentially into the padding and subfloor.

Professionals Can Help

Of course you can save money going the DIY route, if you have the patience and experience to do a thorough job.  If you are like most homeowners you have 10 other things you would rather be doing than extracting a gallon of paint from a carpet.  One quick call and a carpet cleaning solution can be at your doorstep within an hour.

Rapid response in virtually all emergency situations can mean the difference between to very opposite outcomes.  While your carpets condition is not a life and death matter, it is good to know that professional like Carpet Keepers take the job seriously and care enough to save your carpet and added expenses.

Bookmarks for Action

We offer a few points of advice on emergency carpet cleaning, and interior and exterior painting.  First, when the spill or water damage is beyond your DIY abilities or scope, contact a professional.  When you have a large paint project – that is just too much for you to tackle – consider hiring a company like the pro’s at Joe Fleming.

Disasters happen, knowing what to do – or who to call can make all the difference in downtime and dealing with undue stress and discomfort.  When you are considering who to call for emergency carpet cleaning when paint spills – or whatever episode you can imagine – contact Carpet Keepers.  We proudly serve the Northern Virginia area – from Sterling to South Riding Ashburn to Arcola.  Your neighbors in Carpet Cleaning and Care.

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