When Should You Replace a Carpet?

When Should You Replace a Carpet?

Should You Replace a Carpet?

Proper care can keep your carpets looking like new. Most carpet experts recommend:

  • vacuuming at least once a week
  • using mats in doorways to keep dirt off the carpet
  • spot cleaning spills and stains
  • professional cleaning at least once a year

A schedule of regular cleaning with Carpet Keepers will make it easy to keep your carpets fresh and beautiful for years. But there are times when you’re better off replacing a carpet. Factors such as the carpet composition, age of carpet and type of stain will determine if it’s time to keep it or toss it.

Carpet Care Concerns

Bare Spots or Patchiness – Going bald may be a great look for men but it’s a bad one for carpets. If your carpet is showing bare patches, the only solution is to replace it.

Severe Matting – If your carpet looks matted or crushed, there may be hope depending on the fiber your carpet is made from. Wool and nylon are the most expensive carpets because they’re the most durable. If they’re matted, a professional cleaning will make them spring up like new again.

If your carpet is polyester you’re out of luck. Even with cleaning, most matted polyester carpets won’t bounce back to their former shape.

Old Age – Most carpets made today are designed to last about 10 years. After that they become difficult to maintain. If your carpet is nearing that age, it may be time to let it go.

Stains and Odors – Professional carpet cleaning can remove many stains, and Carpet Keepers can get out more than most with our patented PureScience system.

If you have blood, feces, urine or pet stains that won’t come out, it could be unhealthy to keep that carpet in your home. If it smells bad and odor removal isn’t possible even with professional cleaning, get rid of it. You don’t want to live with a foul-smelling carpet.

Ghost Stains – You clean your carpet and the stains are gone, but a day later they’re back. What’s going on? These “ghost stains” have actually penetrated the top layer of the carpet, making them almost impossible to remove.

Ghost stains are one reason that Carpet Keepers always does a second follow-up to ensure the stains we took out don’t come back to haunt you. Our PureScience deep cleaning method penetrates the layers to get at the source of the stains. If we can’t remove them, nobody can and it’s probably time to replace that carpet or rug.

Water Damage – If your carpets are flooded by water, or if they’re in a room that has constant humidity, they can get moldy. This is a serious health hazard that no cleaning can fix.

If your carpets have mold you should remove them immediately. Don’t replace them until the flood damage is fixed and the floor is fully dried. For basements or other damp areas, think about a different type of flooring that will be more water-resistant.

Rips and Tears – You might be able to fix small tears yourself or hire a carpet professional to do it. Large rips, or those that destroy how the carpet pattern looks, are a sign that the carpet has seen better days.

Care for Your Carpets

Whether you’re keeping or replacing your carpets, give them the expert care that will preserve their beauty, maintain their softness, and keep your home clean and healthy. Your carpets deserve the best and that’s just what you get with Carpet Keepers. Our service, professionalism and patented cleaning methods are consistently rated as the best of the best, and it’s because we go the extra mile to deliver on every promise we make. Call us today and let the magic of PureScience work for you.

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