Why Choose Carpet

Why Choose Carpet

When it comes to flooring in the home, many families choose carpet. However, there is more to carpet than meets the eye. Carpet has a number of benefits over its hardwood, tile and concrete counterparts that homeowners may not realize.  So, why choose carpet?

Here are just a few of the reasons you may want consider installing carpet in your home:

Noise Reduction

The Carpet and Rug Institute notes that carpet reduces noise by 10 times more than other flooring options. This is especially important in rooms where noise may be an issue such as bedrooms.

Safety and Injury Prevention

It is not the first thing that probably comes to your mind, but carpet can actually reduce the likelihood of injury when falling in the home. In a study performed by the Carpet and Rug institute, there was a drastic reduction in injury when carpet was in place. Only 17% of people who fell on carpet sustained an injury; however, 50% of those falling on a hard surface were injured.

If you have a house with children, this can be an especially important consideration.

Better Air Quality

Carpet actually traps allergens and dust particles. This helps keep these allergens out of the air. These allergens can also be easily removed from the carpet with a professional cleaning by Carpet Keepers.


It just feels better to walk on carpet. Carpet provides a cushion for the foot and can increase comfort when walking and standing for long periods of time. Temperature is also a factor. In cold weather months, tile and hard floor options can get cold (unless you spend a small fortune on an in-floor heating unit). Carpet does not have the same issue. Carpet can actually provide some warmth during cold weather and does not trap heat during the hotter months. Therefore, temperature is more even and comfortable for all.

Don’t Fear Carpet Cleaning

There are a number of benefits to having carpet installed in your home and Carpet Keepers would love to help keep that carpet looking like new. Don’t let the fear of dingy carpet keep you from enjoying all these benefits!

Carpet can be easily maintained with proper cleaning and annual professional cleaning  by Carpet Keepers Inc. With Carpet Keepers help, you can get the best of both worlds!

Have tile in  your bathroom or kitchen? Not a problem! Carpet Keepers also offers tile and grout cleaning services.Carpet Keepers can give your entire home- tile, grout, and carpet- a thorough clean leaving your home fresh and revitalized.

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