Why Maintenance Matters

Why Maintenance Matters

Carpet Maintenance Matters

At Carpet Keepers we have a ton of carpet cleaning equipment, and experience.  Each and every piece of equipment requires regular care.  You see we understand why maintenance matters.

General Maintenance is a Must

Think about all the items in your home that require standard up keep – if you fail to maintain the equipment it does not take long before it begins to break down.  The family car, the lawn mower and, yes, even the living room carpet.

If we made a list of the things in our homes we use most often, the family room carpet would rank right up top.  So, beyond the regular vacuum cleaning – what else are you doing to maintain your carpets?  Sure, some of you own steam cleaners, but what about the rest of you…what else do you do.  Spot cleaning to remove stains or pet “odors” might top your list.

Carpets Require Maintenance too

The point here is, you don’t stop servicing your car because you don’t own the equipment, so why should you act differently when it comes to the carpets you live on?

Carpet Keepers has a long history of providing the periodic deep cleaning services only a professional could offer.  We use the right equipment and eco-friendly solutions to keep our clients satisfied and adding us to their regular maintenance schedule.

Your Local Solution

Come to think of it, we have great friends at Meridian Landscaping, who provide the Northern Virginia area with regularly scheduled lawn and landscaping care – just like Carpet Keepers – they serve the residential and commercial markets.

Contact us today to learn more, from Ashburn to Aldie, when you think of clean carpets – think Carpet Keepers.


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