5 Biggest Dust Creating Culprits

5 Biggest Dust Creating Culprits

Time to Bust the Dust

Dust in your house isn’t just unattractive and annoying. It’s also the prime feeding source for nasty dust mites, whose waste can trigger severe allergic reactions in many people.

Dust mites live on dust and keeping dust out of your house can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. Everything creates dust in your house. People, pets, and even food can all contribute to the creation of dust. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the chief culprits and the best ways to control them.

Remember that only hot-water extraction methods, like the PureScience method that Carpet Keepers uses, are guaranteed to kill dust mites in furniture and carpet.

You and Your Family

Dust is mostly made of dead skin cells, which you shed on a daily basis. In most cases, these dead cells get washed away when you bathe or shower, but that doesn’t destroy all of them. Your pets, visitors and even the insects that surround your home all contribute to the dust piles.

Weekly laundering will keep dust mites off of your bedding. For pets, regular grooming to remove dead hair and dander will also help. Now that the weather is nice, you can brush your pets outdoors and keep all the dust outside where it belongs.


They’re romantic and they add beauty and warmth to your home. But fireplaces are also major contributors to sooty, ashy dust. Cleaning ash from the fireplace should be done with extra care to minimize the dust you stir up.

Wood-burning stoves also contribute to dust in the house. The ashes add their own dust and even bringing wood in from outside can add yet more. For some people, the small amount of extra dust is worth the money they’re saving on heating bills.

Construction Work and Repairs

Remodeling and repair work in your house can create an indoor dust storm. If you’re installing ceramic tile, laminate or wood floors, you’ll have piles of dust settling in the room where it’s being installed. The good news is that this dust is relatively easy to sweep out.

If you’re doing a major remodeling job like a kitchen or bathroom overhaul, you will have even more dust and dirt stirred up. In these cases, it’s a good idea to rent a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner to get all the dust and debris out.

The work doesn’t have to be happening inside your house. Dust is lightweight and can easily be carried into your house from construction or remodeling work that’s going on down the street. If you’re near an area where there’s mining, wood cutting or other outdoor construction work, you can expect to see an increase in dust.

Fabrics and Furniture

Fibers from bedding, upholstered furniture, pillows, carpeting, curtains and area rugs are all sources of dust. Normal, everyday use of them causes tiny amounts of deterioration each day. Over time, these deteriorated fibers break loose and swirl around your home in the shape of dust.

When combined with pet hair, these fabric particles from the round clumps of dust we call “dust bunnies.” There’s no way to stop the fabric from shedding these tiny fibers but you can keep the dust to a minimum with regular cleaning. For curtains, bedding and small throw rugs, a weekly wash will work. For area rugs and upholstered furniture, call a professional cleaning service that specializes in removing dust and dust mites from fabric and carpet.

Dirty Ducts

Dirty air ducts can harbor dust, fibers, and allergens including mold and mildew. It’s easy to forget about your air ducts until you turn on your central air conditioning or heating. Then you’ll have all those mold spores and dust blowing throughout your house.

As with every dust-control method, your best plan of attack is to keep them clean. Sweep around them regularly where you see dust building up and have them professionally cleaned once a year.

Bust the Dust

Follow these guidelines to reducing dust and dust mites in your house.

  • Wash bedding, washable rugs and other fabrics weekly.
  • Hire professional cleaning services that use methods guaranteed to eradicate dust mites, and have this service performed at least twice a year.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter to filter out allergens and mold.
  • Dust and sweep around your air ducts and have them professionally cleaned once a year.
  • Avoid the use of harsh chemicals and toxic cleaners that will aggravate allergic symptoms and create even more problems.
  • Use damp rags and mops to pick up every speck of dust, and wash mop heads and cloth dusters once a week.

Get Dust-Free with CarpetKeepers

CarpetKeepers has been keeping homes in Loudoun County fresh, clean and healthy for many years. We use our patented, nontoxic PureScience method to safely clean old fibers, pet hair, dead cells and other dust elements. Our method is the only type that eradicates dust mites without the use of chemicals or toxins.

For a home that’s free of dust and other unwelcome visitors, call Carpet Keepers and set up a regular cleaning schedule. With less dust in the house, you’ll breathe easier and housekeeping will be a breeze. Call Carpet Keepers and discover a whole new way to enjoy your home.

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