Clean House

Clean House

Carpet Cleaning Time

The calendar-end end brings many things to the front…year end tax planning, year end donations, year end contributions, year end!  It has been said, every ending brings a new beginning.  Let’s take a look at the end of the year, and, you guessed it – your carpets and flooring and CLEAN HOUSE.

A New Beginning

All to often homeowners rely on spot cleaning and the vacuum to do the job only a professional carpet cleaner (like Carpet Keepers) can do.  Consider your year end tax planning, most of us would not begin to tackle our tax returns without, at the very least, a review and or the support of a tax professional.  Point being, we all too often relinquish control of our financial history to a pro., and relegate something as sacred as our carpets (which we touch on a daily basis) to a chemical spray bottle. Okay, maybe a bit of a stretch – hopeful the illustration makes the point.

It seems to make sense, tackle the small jobs, quick wins as DIY projects.  We applaud those efforts and encourage you to continue to fine tune your carpet cleaning skill set. However, we do have an alternative offer.  Call Carpet Keepers and save yourself the inevitable question – “will that stain ever disappear?”

Our suggestion is simple, let us know your most troublesome carpet stains and carpet odors and let us wrestle the problem away.

Carpet Keepers Starts Fresh

At Carpet Keepers we know all about carpet cleaning – for years we have fine tuned our training, or equipment and methods to bring you the best in breed service.  We understand the difference in the manner different carpet material types are cleaned – we understand the value of using eco-friendly cleaning agents – we understand what a new beginning is all about – especially when it comes to your carpet flooring.

If you have never hired a professional carpet cleaning service – we invite you to contact us today.  We serve a broad geographical area – western Fairfax, all of Loudoun and surrounding localities.  With a depth of knowledge and dedication to service, we are sure you will never look at your carpet stain, water damage or smoke odor the same.

Make a New Beginning

So, with the calendar year end upon us, and the Christmas Season kicking off in earnest – why not add some cheer to your carpets and invite Carpet Keepers to your home and see the difference we can make in your homes appearance.

We offer convenient service times, and we are available for emergency situations – like water damage from burst pipes.  We are hopeful you will consider starting fresh now and CLEAN HOUSE – call the rest, you’ll find us the best – Carpet Keepers.

Schedule a carpet cleaning with Carpet Keepers today!

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