Commercial Carpet Cleaning Contracts

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Contracts

Benefits of Commercial Carpet Cleaning Contract

For those responsible for the maintenance of commercial properties you are well aware of the necessity for continuous cleaning.  Often times the cleaning service manages trash, bathrooms, and vacuuming.  But what about serious deep carpet cleaning?  In this post, we will share some the top benefits of contracting with Carpet Keepers of Leesburg VA.

Schedule Flexibility

Our teams operate around the clock.  That means a minimally disruptive carpet cleaning experience.  Simply put, we will provide all of our standard carpet cleaning services – stain, odor and deep cleaning services.  For example, a busy Leesburg restaurant has us deep clean carpets in the morning well before the lunch rush.  The good news is we can work schedule a time that best fits and schedule on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis.

24 Hour Emergency Support

Yes, accidents happen, no matter the size or scope of a spill, stain or persistent odor – our technicians are on call to remedy the situation.  Contracted emergency service is another benefit of hiring Carpet Keepers.  We fully understand the value of first impressions – most retailers assign great value to make the customer feel special – a clean, free of blemishes, is a great place to start.

Water damage from broken pipes or faulty equipment can cost your precious operational up-time.  That is why our team is ready to act no matter the time of day or night.  We help you with full water damage restoration process, from an insurance claim to plumbing and other restoration needs. Having Carpet Keepers on call and ready for action will save you time and money.

Carpet Cleaning Reminders

Another great benefit of contracting with Carpet Keepers for commercial carpet cleaning is the ease of use.  Yes, we schedule well in advance for monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly cleanings – but we also know circumstances change.  Our friendly team will communicate with your staff to make certain operations run smooth and without disruption.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Contracts

Yes, Carpet Keepers can support you on all these fronts without the coverage of a contract.  However, as is typical of longer-term carpet cleaning arrangements, you usually save dollars – not to mention have our team on your fast action list.  A familiarity with your facility, location of systems and general lay of the land will help ease the burden of service.

Contact Carpet Keepers in Leesburg VA for a no-cost commercial carpet cleaning contract assessment.  Odds are we can find the best solution to meet the demands of your operation.  We service restaurants, clinics, and office complexes, and look forward to serving you.

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