Dogs, Cats and Couches

Dogs, Cats and Couches

Do Pets and Furniture Mix?

Our pets fill our lives with warmth and our hearts with joy. They’re more than furballs, they’re family. In fact, decorating a home to make it pet-friendly while still keeping it stylish is a growing trend among home decorators.

But sometimes our pets can be rough on our furniture. Have your pets made your home a little less fresh than it should be? Give Carpet Keepers a call and we’ll show you how to refresh and revive a pet-worn home. We’re even offering a December special on upholstery cleaning all month, so you can be ready to tackle the five pet problems you might be facing.

1. Pesky Pests

Cats, dogs, ferrets, rabbits and other warm-blooded pets can leave behind some unwanted visitors when they lay on your furniture. You might find yourself battling fleas, lice, ticks, mites, dander and residue from flea and tick treatments.

Pest control is the first step to getting rid of these unwanted bugs, but be sure to follow it up with a thorough cleaning. Carpet Keepers’ steam extraction is the only method guaranteed to eradicate dust mites and allergens. Deep cleaning will destroy pests that are living in your furniture and wipe out toxic residue.

2. Stinky Spots

It’s a sad fact that sometimes, an older pet or one who’s sick can become incontinent. You know it’s not their fault, but you also know you need to do something to remove that stain–and that smell–before they set.

Pet urine is one of the hardest smells to remove. Most people try everything to get rid of it and only end up making things worse.

Call Carpet Keepers and make bad pet odors a thing of the past. Our patented, nontoxic PureScience method digs deep into your furniture’s fibers to extract the smells and the stains. We don’t cover them up, we get rid of them once and for all.

3. Beware of Hair

Pet hair sinks into your rugs, into your couch pillows, and behind seat cushions. It floats on the air and shows up at the most unexpected and embarrassing moments, like when a giant ball of fur rolls out from under your sofa.

Running your vacuum cleaner on a regular basis helps, but what really helps is the deep digging that a professional cleaning system can offer. If you’re tired of seeing pet hairs everywhere you turn, turn to Carpet Keepers.

4. Thrills and Spills

You enjoy watching your pets romp through the house, but occasionally their playtime can lead to things getting bumped, spilled and broken. Did your cat knock over a mug full of coffee? Did your dogs trip you up, causing a bottle of wine to spill all over the couch?

Life goes on, but the stains don’t have to. Carpet Keepers’ PureScience method will take out impossible stains that other cleaning companies won’t even touch. Your upholstered furniture will look as good as new when we restore and refresh it.

5. The Great Outdoors

If your pets go outside, they could be bringing back a whole mess of things that shouldn’t be on your furniture. They’re dragging water, mud, grass, snow, snowmelt, dirt and other unwanted outdoor goodies everywhere, and your furniture is going to be one of the first places they land.

You don’t have to keep them off their favorite spots beside you on the sofa or the big armchair. When you get Carpet Keepers’ deep-down upholstery cleaning, ask about our optional protective service. It keeps stains on the surface of your furniture, so they’re easy to wipe away.

Winter Couch Cleaning Special

December is the perfect time to get your house ready for holiday entertaining because Carpet Keepers is offering a special upholstery cleaning this month! So bundle up and get ready to save a bundle as you, your family and your pets cozy up to winter.

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