Filters, Floors and Summer Time Outdoors

Filters, Floors and Summer Time Outdoors

It’s Time to Clear the Air

Summer is in full bloom, and so is allergy season. While you’re enjoying the sunshine, flowers and the ease of outdoor living, make sure you’re not inviting dangerous allergens, mold, and pests into your home.

Outdoor Life

In the summer, you’ll have to step up your cleaning routine to deal with these dust and dirt bringers.

Pests. Bugs like mosquitoes, fleas, and ants thrive in the summertime, making them ideal carriers of dirt and toxins. In your home, heat and humidity are just right for dust mites, mold, and mildew.

Smoke. Summertime grilling means smoke, ashes, and dirt that floats in from your yard and all of your neighbors’ backyards. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy outdoor cooking, but make sure you’re not bringing the dirt inside when you do. Keep your grill a good distance from your house and dispose of the ashes carefully.

Allergens. Pollen is high in the summer, and if you or a family member suffers from allergies, you’ll need extra vigilance to keep it from making you miserable

Summer Breezes

The warm days and breezy nights may tempt you to open your windows more than you normally do. And while fresh air is a great way to clean and deodorize your home, it can also cause your house to fill up with dust, allergens, and mold.

Your kids and pets might spend more time outside. Sunshine and fresh air are healthy, but it can also mean they’re bringing dirt and other pollutants inside with them.

Tips to Keep the Outside from Getting Inside

Can you enjoy the great outdoors without making a great big mess? Yes, if you follow these simple steps.

Shoes off, mats on. Make everyone take their shoes off before they come inside. For your non-human friends, wipe their paws with a damp cloth or a pet wipe as soon as they come in. Wearing socks or slippers while indoors will keep your feet and floors clean.

Mats at every doorway will keep dirt, pollens, and bugs in one spot. Use fabric or rubber mats and wash them frequently.

Clean your filters. In the summer, especially in high-humidity and high-dust regions like ours, filters will need more frequent cleaning and replacing. If your air filters are aluminum, you can wash them in a mix of detergent and water. Fiberglass filters should be replaced once a month.

Cleaning and replacing your filters is not difficult and will go a long way to keeping your home’s air cooler and fresher. Clogged and dirty filters make your air conditioner work twice as hard for half the comfort.

Use your fans. Exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathroom are there for a reason. They suck out heat, humidity, and allergens, so use them whenever you bathe or cook.

When You Need Deep Cleaning

Changing your filters and keeping to a no-shoes policy will control dirt and allergens, but if they’re already sunk deep into carpets and upholstery fibers, you’re fighting a losing battle. Professional cleaning will give you a clean slate to start from and cut your work in half.

Over-the-counter products contain artificial fragrances that cover up smells instead of removing them and use powerful, toxic chemicals to lift stains. Those aren’t good for you and they aren’t safe for your family.

A Clean You Can Trust

With Carpet Keepers, you can trust in a cleaning process that is:

  • Pure, natural and nontoxic
  • Safe to use around pets, children, and people with allergies
  • Guaranteed to destroy dust mites and other pests
  • Designed to lift out even old, set-in stains and odors

Don’t let allergens and dust ruin your summer fun. Call Carpet Keepers today and get a deep-down clean that will leave your home fresh and healthy.

Our patented PureScience technique uses the only method guaranteed to kill dust mites, destroy mold spores and remove odors in your carpet and upholstered furniture. Call Carpet Keepers today and get ready to enjoy a home that’s as fresh and bright as summer.

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