Going Shoeless at Home

Going Shoeless at Home

Should You Go Shoeless?

Kicking your shoes off is a great way to relax and soothe your tired tootsies, and it’s also an excellent habit to get into if you want clean carpets and furniture, but if you can’t get everyone to adopt your shoe-free existence, you can still have a home that’s clean, healthy and eco-friendly. At Carpet Keepers we’ve got you covered with green carpet cleaning that will keep your home shining.

Clean Carpets, Clean Home

Our shoes pick up millions of alien toxins, germs and infectious material outside. That’s why the best way to keep your floors clean is to leave your shoes outside. Take a tip from Buddhist monasteries and countries like Japan, where this is an accepted practice. Consider the following benefits to your home health and flooring.

Save Your Floors

  • extend the life of your floors by keeping them from getting dirty or scratched;
  • keep grime and mud outside where they belong;
  • avoid bringing in toxic chemicals from the roadside, garden pesticides or snow-melting chemicals indoors;
  • keep bugs, germs, and other unwanted visitors away.

Take it Easy

  • Natural oils on your feet will leave a greasy residue on carpets and hardwood floors that attracts stains.
  • Shoes, especially with high heels, can tear and gouge at carpet fibers and the finish on hardwood floors.
  • That’s why wearing socks indoors are ideal.
  • Rely on a specialist in green cleaning like Carpet Keepers to keep everything spotless and fresh.

Houseguests and visitors can share in the benefit of a shoe free home.  Here are some pointers to make easy for them to practice your shoe free home policy.

More Reasons to Go Shoeless

  • setting up a shoe station by the front door, with cubbies where they can park their shoes;
  • supplying slippers or socks at the front door;
  • putting a rubber mat or tub at the door, for wet boots.

Healthy Home, Happy Home

  • If you live in an apartment building or duplex, your neighbors will appreciate the peace and quiet.
  • Studies have found that children who walk around without shoes have fewer podiatric problems than those who always wear shoes.
  • Walking without shoes can help strengthen the arches and muscles of your feet.

As soon as you start a shoes-off policy, you’ll notice a big difference. Your floors and furniture will stay cleaner longer and you’ll feel more relaxed.

The Eco-Friendly Solution

  • reasonably clean and free of pet stains or other harmful substances;
  • not cleaned with harsh products that can cause allergy flare-ups or skin reactions;
  • free of pet dander, mites, and bacteria.

Great Reasons to Call Carpet Keepers

No matter the shoe policy your home adheres to one thing is certain – carpets, rugs, and upholstery will always require cleaning.  Here are 7 great reasons to connect with us when its time for a professional team to get the job done.

  • PureScience is the only truly green carpet cleaning method that also kills bacteria, mites, and unhealthy odors.
  • CarpetKeepers uses non-toxic cleaning methods that reach deep into the carpet and furniture fibers to release dirt and harmful microbes.
  • You can breathe easy knowing that your home doesn’t just look and smell fresh, it’s deep-down clean with no nasty chemical residue in your floors or in the air.
  • You spent good money on those carpets, so protect your investment and protect your home.
  • CarpetKeepers can provide regular maintenance of your carpets and furniture to keep them lasting longer and looking as beautiful as they did when they were new.
  • We guarantee that we can remove stains and smells that other carpet cleaners can’t touch.
  • We promise customer service that puts you first and understands your concerns about the health and beauty of your home.

Contact the professionals at Carpet Keepers today and discover how we can keep your home as fresh as Spring, all year long.

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