How To Keep Microfiber Furniture and Rugs Clean

How To Keep Microfiber Furniture and Rugs Clean

How To Keep Microfiber Furniture and Rugs Clean

Soft, silky microfiber is an excellent fabric choice for furniture and rugs. If you have this fabric in your home, you must give it the right care. Here’s how to keep it looking its best.

What Is Microfiber?

Microfiber is a synthetic fabric that’s thin, soft, and very flexible. It has a silky finish. Microfiber is made from thin polyester fibers and often includes a blend of nylon and similar fabrics.

Microfiber has many advantages. It is durable and lightweight. It can repel water and will last for a long time if it’s cared for properly. Microfiber is widely used for athletic wear, underwear, sweaters, pants, and even shoes. It’s also used to make mop heads and cleaning cloths. It’s ideal for cleaning because it’s not abrasive and naturally repels bacteria.

Why It’s Great for Furniture

Microfiber upholstery has become popular. It makes a wonderful choice for furniture because it’s durable and lightweight. It also feels wonderful to sit on. If you like soft, silky fabric surrounding you, microfiber fits the bill. Despite this soft texture, it’s one of the most durable synthetic fabrics. It also resists stains, which makes it an excellent choice for homes with kids and pets.

Microfiber has some disadvantages. It can show water stains, and it traps pet hairs and dust. It also wrinkles easily. You can keep it looking its best with regular cleaning.

How To Keep Microfiber Upholstery Clean

Your upholstered furniture will look and feel its best if you keep it clean. To keep your microfiber couch or chair looking new, follow these steps.

1. Regularly remove dust from the fabric with a dush brush or vacuum attachment.
2. To spot clean, mix a solution of warm water and dishwashing liquid. Dip a sponge or soft cloth in the solution, and use this to spot clean any stains.
3. Always use a fresh solution when cleaning microfiber. Attempting to clean it with dirty water will leave water stains. Once the fabric dries, use a dry fabric brush on it to renew the nap.
4. Have your upholstery professionally cleaned to remove old, set-in stains and odors. Regular, professional cleaning removes pet hair, dander, dust mites, and allergens from your upholstered fabric.

Microfiber Rugs

The same qualities that make microfiber great for upholstery make it excellent for accent rugs and area rugs. Microfiber rugs are soft and plushy. They hold up well to foot traffic and feel luxurious on bare feet.

To keep them in good shape, follow the same care instructions you use for microfiber upholstery. When you get your rugs professionally cleaned, be sure to work with a carpet cleaner who understands the specific care needs of microfiber.

Count on the Cleaning Experts

At CarpetKeepers, we understand the unique needs of different carpet and upholstery fabrics. Our patented PureScience cleaning method is safe for all fabrics. To keep all your rugs and furniture looking new, talk to us about regularly scheduled cleanings. We’ll keep you on track while getting dirt, smells, allergens, and toxins out of your home.

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