Is It Time To Stretch Your Carpet?

Is It Time To Stretch Your Carpet?

Time To Stretch

Is your carpet rippling? Buckles and ripples can appear out of nowhere on the surface of your carpet. It usually happens to carpet that’s been on the floor for a couple of years, but it can happen to new carpet. If you’re seeing waves and ripples instead of smooth, flat carpet, you probably need to have your carpet stretched. This is a common carpet repair, and it will restore the smooth, beautiful look of your floors.

Why Does Carpet Need Stretching?

There are several reasons for carpet buckles.

  • Humidity: If your carpet is in a humid room, you may see buckling. Moisture causes carpeting to lift from the padding.
  • Steam cleaning: A home steam cleaner can leave moisture in your carpet. Moisture causes the carpet to separate from the pad and lift. If you want steam cleaning, hire a professional company to do it.
  • Heavy furniture: Moving heavy furniture across the carpet can cause it to lift and buckle.
  • Improper installation: If the carpet wasn’t properly installed, it will start to ripple.

Are There Times You Shouldn’t Stretch Carpet?

Carpet that’s very old or has been stretched many times should not be stretched. Most carpet repair experts say you shouldn’t stretch carpet that’s 10 years old. That carpet is not strong enough to withstand stretching, and it’s likely to tear. The same is true of carpet that’s been stretched repeatedly.

The Right Way To Stretch Carpet

If you’re experienced with DIY projects, you can try to stretch the carpet yourself. Most people find it’s a tough job they’d rather leave to professionals. Most carpet repair companies can stretch carpets. The company that sold you the carpet can also refer you to stretching services.

Stretching carpet involves several steps.

1. First, move all the furniture out of the room.

2. Peel back the padding and remove the tack strips.

3. If tack strips are broken, replace them.

4. Cut small strips of carpet close to the wall. Now, stretch out the carpet from the center of the room. Stretch until it reaches the edge of the wall.

5. For proper stretching, your installer should use a power stretcher in combination with a knee kicker. A knee kicker helps move the carpet, and the power stretcher pulls it into place. Combining these techniques creates professional results.

Clean Carpets After Every Stretch

Do you want your carpets to look like they’re in a designer showroom? After you stretch them, get them professionally cleaned. Cleaning after a stretch has several benefits. First, it produces a cleaner carpet because a smooth carpet is easier to clean. Second, cleaning will get out the lines left by buckling and stretching.

If you want carpets that look and smell like new, contact Carpet Keepers. Our PureScience cleaning method restores and refreshes all your carpeting.

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