Leesburg Rug Cleaning Professionals Process

Leesburg Rug Cleaning Professionals Process

Our 10-Step Pick-Up and Cleaning Service

You know we pick up rugs for our cleaning service, but do you know what happens once we collect your rug? At Carpet Keepers, we use our thorough but gentle PureScience technique to clean the rugs that we pick up for service. We thought it might be useful for you to know our technique in detail. As you will see, our 10-step process is designed to clean your rug with great care while ensuring that every stain and odor comes out.

1. Preliminary Inspection

We inspect the rug carefully to determine what type of stains it has and what its fiber content is. These two things will help us formulate the type of product and technique we use.

2. Preconditioning

Using only non-toxic and plant-based solutions, we begin by treating the stains and conditioning the fibers. This allows the fibers to become soft so that cleaning products can penetrate them. It also loosens dirt, making it easier to lift off in cleaning.

3. Hand Washing

As you know, any fibers can be washed if they are washed by hand using the proper cleansers. At Carpet Keepers, we use our own patented, all-natural shampoo.

Our shampoo has several key properties:

  • It is biodegradable and completely natural.
  • It is formulated from lavender and eucalyptus essence.
  • It’s completely free of synthetic fragrances.
  • It contains no harsh surfactants.
  • It contains pure, beneficial essential oils.
  • Our patented formula is specially designed to clean delicate fibers including wool.

Our gentle shampoo will remove most of the stains and odors in the first wash. It also leaves the carpet fibers soft and lustrous. We continue washing as many times as necessary until your rug is completely clean.

4. Dust Mites and Allergens

Washing in warm, soapy water is the best way to eradicate dust mites and allergy-causing toxins. Our washing process removes allergens, synthetic cleaning residue, pollutants and other unwanted toxins from your rug.

5. Pet Issues

If your rug has stains from pet urination or defecation, we use an additional specialty cleaner to eradicate those stains. This cleaner is non-toxic and designed to break up the specific protein enzymes that cause pet odors. After using this cleaner, we wash your rug again to remove all contaminants and synthetic compounds.

6. Grooming

Grooming a rug is an important part of the cleaning process. In this step, we go through the rug fiber by fiber to ensure that it’s completely clean.

7. Drying

Your rug is left to thoroughly dry in a climate-controlled room. Air-drying maintains the integrity of your rug.

8. Final Test

Once your rug is dry, we give it a final assessment that we call the Look-Feel-Smell test.

  • Look: We complete a thorough visual inspection to ensure that the rug’s colors are vibrant and all stains are gone.
  • Feel: We make a careful manual inspection to ensure that the rug is soft.
  • Smell: Our final test determines that every bad odor has been eliminated.

Once we determine that your rug looks, feels and smells fresh enough to return to your home, we call you and make arrangements to deliver it.

10. Roll Up and Deliver

Your rug is now ready for delivery. We roll all rugs and carefully transport them back to your home. At this point, we invite you to look it over and ensure that you’re happy with the final result.

The Carpet Keepers Promise

At Carpet Keepers, we promise:

  • thorough, gentle cleaning of your rug using our patented, nontoxic PureScience technique;
  • complete eradication of stains, odors, dust mites and allergens;
  • a rug that looks feels and smells as fresh as new;
  • customer service that is focused on your complete satisfaction.

If you’re interested in our rug pick-up and cleaning service, call Carpet Keepers today. Carpet Keepers has earned an outstanding reputation as one of Northern Virginia’s best in-home services. We also offer cleaning and restoration of installed carpeting and upholstery. Call Carpet Keepers today and discover how clean your rugs can be.

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