Pet Stains and Carpet Care

Pet Stains and Carpet Care

Pet Stain Removal

Pets are one of the joys of life, but cleaning a pet stain can be challenging. Both home remedies and professional cleaning are options to maintain your flooring. It is best to begin the process of treating stains as soon as possible. The team at Carpet Keepers has the experience and green carpet cleaning agents to fully and safely removal stains.

Pet Stain Fast Fixes

For most of us pet stains are quick clean-up projects.  Here are some actions you can take remedy most pet accidents before a serious stain sets in.

  • With any pet stain, begin by absorbing as much liquid as possible by placing a thick layer of paper towels over the stained area. Press lightly to absorb any excess moisture, and repeat the process as many times as needed. Follow up by sprinkling the area with a deodorizer, such as baking soda. Follow up with regular carpet care.
  • Peroxide is an option for light-colored and colorfast carpets. To treat pet stains, mix about a teaspoon of liquid dish detergent in one-half cup of household peroxide, and pour a small amount of the mixture onto the carpet stain. After about 10 minutes, vacuum the stained area.
  • Baking soda and vinegar can help deodorize and neutralize small pet stains. To use this remedy, sprinkle baking soda over the area after blotting away excess moisture. Pour a small amount of diluted vinegar over the baking soda, and allow the mixture to fizz. When the baking soda and vinegar stop fizzing, vacuum the area with a wet-dry vacuum.
  • Enzyme-based stain cleaners are usually recommended for pet stains. Enzyme cleaners work on both wet and dry stains by breaking down the proteins in urine. To treat the stain, blot the area dry if necessary, and apply the cleaner according to the instructions on the bottle.
  • If other cleaners aren’t available, use club soda to help remove the carpet stain. Pour a small amount of the soda onto the stained area. Blot the soda away, and repeat the process as needed.

When to Opt for Professional Cleaning

For some homeowners with pets, kids and a busy schedule – adequately treating and caring for pet stains on carpets can leave room for improvement.  We understand, and that is one reason we started Carpet Keepers – to help homeowners maintain healthy and happy households.  Here are a few more reasons to consider a professional carpet cleaning.

  • Professional cleaning is a must for hard-to-remove stains, but is also recommended anytime moisture affects the underlayment. For instance, large pet stains that soak through the carpet into the padding underneath should be professionally treated.
  • Persistent pet odors may be caused by invisible pet stains, such as those behind furnishing. Deep cleaning the carpeting is an option that ensures even undetected pet stains are removed. As part of regular carpet care, deep cleaning also increases the lifespan of your flooring.
  • To treat dried pet stains or persistent odors, it is necessary to use deep cleaning methods. Our PureScience treatment reaches the deepest layers of the carpeting to ensure the stain is completely lifted, even on old pet stains. PureScience is also guaranteed to lift even the most difficult stains and odors.

We Make it Easy

Carpet Keepers helps homeowners refresh, restore and revitalize carpets – even after our beloved pets have accidents.  Contact us to learn more about our eco-friendly PureScience™ system.  When you have had enough of the unsightly stains, the foul odors look to Carpet Keepers for your next carpet stain removal needs.

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