Removing Pine Needles from Carpet

Removing Pine Needles from Carpet

Picking up Pine Needles in Carpet

There’s nothing like a live Christmas tree. It fills your home with the most-loved scent of the season, induces warm memories of Christmases past, and is a tradition as old as gift-giving itself. But there’s a downside to this grand tradition, and that comes when you try to clean up all those dripping, sticking pine needles that are blanketing your carpet.

You may have a left of trail of needles when you first dragged the tree into your house. Now, as days go by, they’re piling up around the tree and might be joined by a wreath or decorative garland or two. What’s worse, the sap in pine trees can make the needles sticky. So how do you get those needles out of the carpeting? Read up for our do’s and don’ts.

Carpet Care Do:

  • Vacuum: Set your vacuum to its strongest setting and use this to pick up as many needles as you can. A vacuum cleaner rarely gets them all out, but it’s a good start.
  • Call duct tape to the rescue: Wrap duct tape around your hand with the sticky side out and slide it along the needles to pick them up.
  • Skirt the issue: If you used a tree skirt, lift it carefully and wrap it up so the needles don’t fall out.
  • Go industrial: If all else fails, rent an industrial-strength vacuum cleaner.

Carpet Care Don’t:

  • Be a sap: Never try to use a store-bought carpet cleaner. This could make the situation worse and damage your carpet.
  • Be a stiff: Avoid using a stiff-brushed broom to sweep up needles from hardwood, laminate or vinyl floors, as this could scratch them. Use a soft broom and, if necessary, a damp mop.
  • Let sleeping dogs lie: Keep pets away from the pine needles to avoid getting the needles caught in their fur and getting spread all over the house.

Winter Wonder

All this cleaning may have made you aware that your carpets, rugs, and furniture could stand a little tender loving care. If so, this is the perfect time to call Carpet Keepers and get a fresh new start on your home. We’ll give your carpets, area rugs, and upholstery a thorough cleaning that will leave them refreshed and renewed.

You’ve heard of spring cleaning, but winter cleaning is just as important.

  • Start scrubbing away the soot of fireplaces and candles.
  • Clean up after a round of holiday parties.
  • Freshen up from a season of wet, muddy boots and shoes.
  • A clean house will lift your spirits and make winter’s dark days more bearable.
  • Since you spend more time indoors, make it extra-pleasant to be there.
  • Get a new start for the New Year.

Fresh Start

It’s hard to believe, but winter is winding down. Wouldn’t it be great to face the New Year with a new fresh home, one that’s free of stains, smells, and dirt?

Call Carpet Keepers and watch as we put the magic of PureScience to work for you. Our patented, nontoxic method will get rid of all that tree sap while also lifting dirt, grime, mud, soot, pet stains, pet smells, allergens and toxins out of your carpets and soft furnishings. You’ll be left with a home that’s as fresh and bright as spring, even in the middle of winter.

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