Signs of Water Damage

Signs of Water Damage

Spotting Water Damage

Water is a powerful force. Water damage can destroy your home, and mold can make you sick. Fortunately, a good water restoration service like Carpet Keeper’s Pure Restore division can get everything back to normal.

Spot the Signs

How do you spot signs of water damage in your house? Here are some good ways.

1. Climb the Walls

Check out the walls and get down on the floor if you suspect leaking.

  • Hardwood floors are sensitive to changes in moisture level, so if you notice your floors buckling, a leak could be the reason.
  • Soft spots on the walls could indicate that water is coming through.
  • Paint that feels soft or rubs off on your fingers is another clue that water might be in the walls.


2. Water View

Puddles and leaks around your appliances, fixtures or faucets are all signs of water damage.

  • Check your refrigerator, especially the ice maker valve.
  • If you notice water in your kitchen cabinets, it could be coming from your dishwasher.
  • Repeated use of soap can damage the supply hose on your washing machine, leading to holes and leaks.
  • Loose refrigerator gaskets don’t allow the door to close firmly, and that can cause condensation and leaks.


3. Your Nose Knows

If you can’t see water damage, you can often smell it. Mold and mildew give off an intensely musty smell and that could be your first clue.

  • If mold and mildew are present, the damage has already been done and you need to call a restoration service right away.
  • Mold and mildew can lead to health problems and are especially harmful to children.


4. Spot Quiz

If you’re already seeing water spots on the wall or ceilings, it’s time to call Pure Restore before that leak turns into a flood.

  • Check for water stains around the baseboards and window frames.
  • In older homes, get an expert inspection to make sure the previous owners didn’t just paint over the water spots.


5. Search High and Low

Investigate two places in your home where water damage is most likely to strike first.

  • Check your basement regularly for leaks, especially after a heavy rainfall or snowstorm.
  • Climb up on the roof and look for soft spots, holes, and shingles that are loose or crumbling.
  • A Pure Restore technician can inspect your home from top to bottom to find problem areas.


Already Had a Leak or Flood?

If you’ve suffered any kind of water damage, call Carpet Keepers and discover how our patented Pure Restore team can stop the leak, reverse the damage and truly restore your home.

What We Offer

Pure Restore goes above and beyond regular restoration to provide:

  • complete removal of mold;
  • disposal of waste and sewage;
  • drying of floors, upholstery and carpeting;
  • removal of harmful pathogens;
  • where necessary, rebuilding and replacing parts of your home;
  • deodorizing of your house;
  • a home that’s fresh, clean and healthy;
  • guaranteed work provided by certified, qualified technicians.


The Magic Touch

Carpet Keepers patented the PureScience cleaning method, and we built upon that method to create our Pure Restore division. When you call us, we’ll help you every step of the way, including help with your insurance paperwork and compliance with all legal regulations.

Back on Track

At Carpet Keepers, we know that after you’ve had water damage, what you most want is to get everything back to normal. That’s why we do everything we can to get your house safe and clean again, and your life back on track.

Whether you’re concerned about a small leak you just spotted, or you’ve had floodwater fill your house, count on us. With Pure Restore, help is just a phone call away.

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