The Carpet Keepers Promise

The Carpet Keepers Promise

Carpet Keepers Promise

As the holidays approach, many of us stop to reflect on what we’re most grateful for. At Carpet Keepers, we’re grateful for the way you, our customers, welcomed us into your homes and let us serve your families.

From day one, we felt welcome here in Loudoun County, and we’ve worked hard to repay your trust by being a business that operates with honesty, integrity and a commitment to our core values:

  • complete customer satisfaction;
  • the use of only pure, nontoxic methods;
  • true cleaning that brings out the fresh, bright beauty of every home;
  • keeping our word at every step of the process.

Promises Kept

Thanksgiving began as a promise between people who came together to share their knowledge, their food, and their helping hands. Every holiday celebration is an acknowledgment of how much we all depend on each other.

When we founded Carpet Keepers, we made a promise to always be a company that our customers could depend on. We promised to conduct ourselves in a way that would help others and share our knowledge. We work hard every day to keep those promises.

We’re a local, family-owned business and we believe in treating our customers like family. When you call on Carpet Keepers, we deliver:

  • service that excels in every way;
  • commitment to your satisfaction;
  • fair prices and fair treatment;
  • honesty and integrity in everything we do.

Only Natural

Another promise we made and kept is to keep toxic allergens out of our customers’ homes. When we refresh your house, we don’t just cover up the smells or do a surface cleaning. We clean down deep, eradicate old stains and odors, and take out dangerous allergens.

We built our cleaning system on these promises:

  • Never use harsh, caustic chemicals.
  • Always use pure, non-toxic methods and products.
  • Leave every house with the fresh, pure clean that comes from sunlight, clear water, and fresh breezes.

Every step of the way, we’ve kept those promises, and we believe that’s what has made us successful.

Clean and Clear

We like to say, if you want your house more than clean, call the company that’s more than carpets.

Any company can come in and deep-clean your carpets, and they will certainly look and smell good afterward.

But Carpet Keepers will also clean your furniture and area rugs, eradicate dust mites and other pests, remove old stains and smells that have sunk deep into the fibers, and keep at the job until it’s done, even if we have to come back.

And only Carpet Keepers does it all with our patented, safe, nontoxic PureScience method.

Our Wish

We work hard to keep our promises to you. In return, you’ve made us one of Loudoun County’s most trusted and respected carpet-cleaning companies. So it seems right to take a moment this Thanksgiving to thank you for your support and for letting us bring out the true, deep beauty of your homes.

Here’s wishing you a happy, healthy holiday spent in your beautiful, clean homes with your loved ones nearby.

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