Transformation in Action

Before & After of a dirty carpet

Transformation in Action

Transformation by Cleaning

How wonderful it is to walk into a revitalized home or room.  Freshness, order and clarity – a great way for any home to be.  We all enjoy those BEFORE and AFTER pictures.  Turning a drab under-cleaned or kept property into a fresh home.

In many cases the transformation requires wholesale razing to accomplish the desired result.  As we mentioned in a previous post, sometimes ripping out the current flooring is the best solution – and we shared some great resources on that front.

So, consider the rooms in your home (anywhere from McLean to Middleburg and points between) – could those rooms stand-up to a Carpet Keepers transformation?

You might be surprised what we can accomplish in the span of an afternoon.  Our truck mounted cleaning systems bring commercial eco-friendly strength cleaning right into your home – and we leave without a trace.

Give us your Worst

With all those years of pets, kids and friends enjoying your home – it is time for transformation.  Contact Carpet Keepers today, share your worst carpet conditions and we will give  you honest neighborly advice on the best path forward.

All that is required of you is to take action – Transformation by Action – reach out to us, then we will take it from there.

Transformation by Design

We recognize that sometimes a fresh carpet, while making a tremendous impact, is just not enough.  When that happens, you can rely on our friends and “neighbors” at J & L Interiors in Leesburg, VA – serving commercial and residential clients.  In either case you will witness transformation in action!

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