Who to Call when your Basement Floods

Who to Call when your Basement Floods

If Your Basement Floods

A flooded basement is more than a nuisance that can ruin your belongings and leave a soggy mess behind. If the dampness isn’t cleared out and sanitized properly, you’ll be left with mold, mildew, and germs that can cause serious illnesses. If you’re dealing with a wet or flooded basement, call Pure Restore, part of the Carpet Keepers family, to return your home to a safe, clean, healthy space.

What Caused the Leak or Flood?

Heavy rains that overpower your sump pump can cause flood damage in your basement. Other causes are leaky pipes, outside forces like a flooded river, leaky windows, a weak foundation or a leaking appliance.

When you call Pure Restore, we’ll help you determine what caused the leak and how you can prevent another one in future. That’s in addition to the work we’ll do restoring your home to its former condition.

Keep Yourself and Your Family Safe

Stay out of the water. Floodwater in your basement can be filled with dangerous bacteria. Stay safe by staying away from it. If you do need to venture into your basement, be sure to wear heavy rubber boots, gloves, and a face mask.

Don’t touch the electricity. Water and electricity don’t mix, so leave the fixtures and light switches alone until you can get professional help. If it’s dark and you need to see what’s in the basement, use a flashlight and watch out for dropped wires.

Pump it out. Get the water pumped out immediately. The longer it lingers, the harder it will be to clean up and the more you’ll be exposing yourself to dangerous contaminants. At Pure Restore, we provide immediate, 24-7 assistance. Get on the road to cleanup water by calling us, any time of night or day.

Call Your Insurance Company

Most insurance companies divide water leaks into two types, and coverage will depend on what type of water damage you have.

Accidental: This is the type of leak caused by a single event like a burst pipe or a flash flood.

Slow Drip: This refers to damage that builds up over time, eventually leading to a water buildup.

Carpet Keepers’ Pure Restore team will work with your insurance company to coordinate repairs and coverage. We’ll handle the paperwork so you can get on with getting your life back together.

Get Restored

Carpet Keepers patented our PureScience technique that gets carpets and upholstery clean, fresh and sanitary without toxins or chemical fresheners. We have extended that technique to our Pure Restore system that will help your home return to normal as quickly and safely as possible.

Our Pure Restore team offers two levels of service. Both will dry and decontaminate your home and put everything back the way it was.

Level 1. This is a thorough water extraction and sanitation service that goes far beyond what most restoration companies offer. In many cases, we can even rescue soaked carpet and upholstery. We will always be honest with you about what can be saved and what can’t.

Level 2. Our second tier of service provides repair and rebuilding of water-damaged structures. We handle everything for you, from estimating and buying supplies to contracting the work.

How We’re Different

  • Our patented Pure Restore system is based on our proven PureScience methods.
  • Our technicians are fully trained, licensed and bonded.
  • We handle every step, from working with your insurer to contracting for repairs.
  • Our drying and decontamination go far beyond regular restoration services.
  • We guarantee all of our work.

Call the Pure Restore Team

If your basement floods, don’t panic and don’t take chances with your family’s safety. Always remember that your home can be restored and your furniture and other items can be replaced.

As soon as you can, call Carpet Keepers. With our immediate 24-7 response, expert advice and patented Pure Restore system, your basement, and your home will shine like new again.

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