5 Signs You Need New Carpeting

5 Signs You Need New Carpeting

Need New Carpeting?

At CarpetKeepers, we know that regular professional cleaning can extend the life of any carpet. Even with the best care, however, the day comes that your carpet needs to be replaced. Here’s how to know when it’s time for a new one.

1. It’s Torn or Ripped

While you can fix small holes and rips in carpets, large holes are difficult to repair. If your carpet is pulling away from the baseboards, it may have been stretched too many times. Each time you stretch your carpet, you lose some of the carpet’s edges. Over time, this leaves you with no slack between the carpet and the wall. If your carpet has pulled away, it’s probably time to replace it.

2. You Bought It 10 Years Ago

Most carpeting made in the U.S. is designed to last about 10 years. With careful maintenance, carpeting can last longer than that. Some homes have carpeting that’s 20 years old and in great condition. In most cases, those people bought high-quality carpets, carefully maintained them, and professionally cleaned them at least once a year.

3. You’re Redecorating

Your carpet style and color may have worked with your original decorating scheme, but things have changed. If you have new paint on the walls and new furniture, your old carpeting may look out of place.

If your carpet is still in good shape, consider a professional cleaning to help it look its best. You might just want to add area rugs instead of replacing the whole thing.

4. It’s Polyester

If your carpet is polyester fiber, it may have felt soft at first, but it will also wear out more quickly than carpet made from other fibers. The biggest drawback with polyester is that it doesn’t bounce back once the fibers are flattened. If it’s flat and shapeless, it’s unlikely to look much better, even after professional cleaning.

The most durable carpet fibers are nylon, wool, and loop-cut pile, which is also called Berber. They’re long-lasting fibers that respond well to professional cleaning.

5. You Used the Wrong Cleaning Products

Regular vacuuming and spot-cleaning will keep your carpets looking good between professional cleanings. Don’t try to take shortcuts by trying to DIY your carpet cleaning or using over-the-counter sprays.

Those sprays may hide the smell or lift surface dirt, but they can also drive smells and stains deeper into your carpet fibers. As for steam cleaning, it can also make things worse. If you don’t dry your carpets thoroughly, using a rented steamer leaves your carpet damp and prone to mold.

CarpetKeepers Can Save Your Carpets and Save You Money

CarpetKeepers has helped our customers save thousands of dollars by preserving the softness and “like new” freshness of their carpets. If you want to keep your new carpets looking their best, discover the power of our nontoxic PureScience cleaning method. We’ll keep those carpets looking like new.

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