Carpet Cleaning for Restaurants

Carpet Cleaning for Restaurants

Here’s Why Your Restaurant Needs Professional Carpet Cleaning

If you own or run a restaurant, you know how important it is to keep it clean. Customers don’t want to eat in an unsightly, dirty place, and your workers don’t like working in one. Here’s why professional carpet cleaning is a smart investment in your business.

Get the Grime Out

Even the cleanest restaurant is home to dirt and grease that are difficult to remove. Food spills and crumbs can leave unsightly blotches on your carpets, and they can also attract unwanted guests like bugs and rodents. Grease is especially damaging for carpets because it traps grime that can destroy the carpet’s fibers.

Fresh Smell

Carpet with lingering stains is usually smelly carpet. Your employees go in and out of the kitchen, tracking dirt and grease into the dining room and entryway. Smells from food and cleaning products waft their way onto the carpet fibers and stick there. Deep, professional cleaning is the only way to get those smells out.

Save Time

Some restaurant owners want to save money by making their staff responsible for cleaning duties. While it’s fine to have them sweep, vacuum, and mop up spills, they can’t do a thorough cleaning the way a professional carpet cleaner can. You’ll also have to pay for those extra hours they’re spending on carpet cleaning.

Get It Done Right

Are you thinking about renting a steam cleaner? Those rented steam cleaners often do more harm than good. If you don’t clean up the soap correctly and remove all the water, your carpets will end up in worse shape. Leftover water from steam cleaners can create new stains that are almost impossible to remove. Professional carpet cleaning with a non-steam method will leave your floors fresh, soft, and feeling like new. If you want a professional job, hire a professional cleaner.

Can the Chemicals

In any dining establishment, it’s important to avoid toxic chemicals. Toxins in many commercial cleaners can aggravate allergies and irritate your staff and guests. Your carpet absorbs those chemicals and keeps them in the air. Avoid these problems by working with a professional that uses a safe, non-toxic cleaning system like CarpetKeeper’s PureScience method.

Make the Carpet Last

Carpet that is regularly cleaned will last longer than dirty, neglected carpet. Dirt, dust, sand, and ice salt are highly damaging to carpet fibers. They’ll make your floor look old before its time. With regular cleaning, you will prolong the carpet’s life and keep it looking good. You paid a lot for that carpet, and regular cleaning will protect your investment.

Set It and Forget It

When you sign up for regularly scheduled cleaning, you never have to wonder if you need to schedule an appointment. With our regular cleaning service, you know you’ll have a professional crew that cares for your carpet.

Get Clean Carpet Without the Chemicals

Clean, fresh carpet makes your dining room look and smells wonderful. A cleaning method that removes allergens and toxins creates a safe, comfortable setting for your employees and guests. If you’re ready to get your carpets looking their best, talk to CarpetKeepers.

We specialize in safe, non-toxic cleaning that removes dirt, odors, and set-in stains. If your restaurant carpet is beyond repair, talk to us about new replacement flooring. If you have a floor problem, we can help.

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